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click to viewTo help make your backyard habitat exactly what you envision, J.J.Cardinal has done a lot of the leg work for you. The field tested items listed below have proven to be popular and effective, and may be just the ticket to enhance the beauty, convenience & effectiveness of your carefully planned scheme.

Our collection of hardware from Erva Tool is sold "A la carte" - individual components that make up the perfect set-up for your situation.

To help you "pull it all together" we have created this .pdf file illustrating a typical pole arrangement for bird feeding: hooks, pole, with anti-squirrel baffle, and options for securing this set-up in the ground.

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baffles & critter control

Sur Stop - "Squirrel Proof" Your Bird Feeder!

Steel spring for existing pole-mount feeders. Legend has it these springs will stop squirrels from climbing poles to reach your bird feeder and devour your birdseed...at least that is what customers tell us.  But when we showed 'em the steel Erva baffle solutions shown below, which are proven to work, some will object at the price and say: "Oh, I'll just get a Slinky ®."   Forget that we've sold thousands of the Erva baffles over 20+ years.  But in the spirit of awesome customer service we figured: "fine...if we can't beat 'em, join 'em."  We're not making any claim Sur-Stop will actually work, and it's one of the few products in the store that we don't offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, but maybe we can save customers the trouble of scouting all over town to find one.  Plus, these are made in the USA.  Outside diameter: 2-5/8". Two zip-ties included.  $9.95

sur-stop spring bafflerManufacturer's instructions:  1. set bird feeder aside; 2. place the feeder's support wire or rod through the center of the metal coil. Another way is to thread the continuous loop on the support rod or wire until the entire coil surrounds it. 3. attach the upper end of the metal coil to the support with the zip tie(s) so it hangs securely. 4. Let the bottom end of the metal coil hang loose. When a squirrel tries to climb on the support the metal coil will spring, causing the squirrel to jump away. 5. Rehang your bird feeder knowing it will be "squirrel proof".
Upon encountering a feeder that is correctly baffled, Sir Snidely Squirrel asks: "now what am I gonna' do?"Squirrel Baffles by Erva Tool Co.
Foil those pesky squirrels from ravishing your feeder, and pilfering seed meant for your feathered friends. Erva Tool - quality metal products for your home and gardenFolks, these really work when used correctly - following proper setbacks and clearances from trees, fences, etc. They are made of steel which offers far more protection than aluminum or plastic baffles! No contest. Erva baffles are available in several styles, sizes and finishes to meet your needs (see below). They are also made by some talented folks right here in the USA!

tool used for shaping Erva #SB8 Cone Baffle

above action photo from Erwin at Erva Tool:
"The Cone Roller was used to roll missile nose cones by Pratt & Whitney in the 1960's.
Now it rolls baffles!"

squirrel baffle by Erva Tool -- model SB-1For Round Poles up to 1-5/8" diameter:
Model SB-1
(shown) Cylindrical squirrel baffle made of galvanized steel sheet with collar that fits on poles up to 1-5/8 inch in diameter; Black semi-gloss powder-coat finish that resists rust and blends with all manufacturers' black garden poles . Squirrels won't nibble through this one! Baffle size: 14" x 7" $31.95

Model SB-2 designed to protect your feeders from raccoons and squirrel; it's the longer cousin to the SB-1 above. Fits poles up to 1-5/8" dia.; black, steel. 28" x 7" $59.99

the "wrap-around" SB-8 baffle for polesWrap Around Squirrel Baffle - ideal solution to install on a shepherd's rod/pole. 17" diameter, inverted cone shaped steel baffle effective in making your feeders critter resist. Mounting hardware included - no tools required to install. Fits square and round poles up to 1" in diameter.
  • Model SB-8 (near right) - Erva Tool's famous black powder coat matte-finish. All-steel.  $28.95

enlarged view >
(see manufacturing process - far right)

For "4 x 4" Posts (actually - they are 3½" x 3½" but that's lumber industry terminology):
Model SB-4
- fits a 4 x 4 post, and used to stop squirrel & raccoon. Measures 23" x 8" tan powder coat finish, steel. $51.99 
Model SB-3 - not shown, but similar to SB-4 above - Cylindrical baffle with a tan color, for a standard 4x4 post; measures 8" x 28" long, $59.99


Looking for a baffle to fit an actual 4" x 4" post? Erva makes one, though it's so rarely ordered from our shop we don't stock it. But can special order it for you. Item #SB4-ACT-TRUE. Post cut-out is 4-1/8" x 4-1/8". Outside dimensions 28" x 8". $54.99
Allow 7 days for delivery.

Erva #SB4 post baffle with mounting collar
Model SB-7   Disc Baffle for 4" x 4" posts from Erva Tool. Wraparound 22½" diameter disk made of galvanized steel with built in collar. Place the baffle on the post at least 4-feet from the ground; close baffle by sliding the left tab into the right slot until it snaps firmly shut (see illustration, right). Brass screws provided to attach baffle to your post. Model SB-7 - Tan semi-gloss powder-coat finish resists rust and blends with wood $29.99   enlarged view >
Erva disc baffle for 4x4 postattaching Erva disc baffle is a snap (literally)!
Model SB-7-C   Coppertint steel disc baffle for 4" x 4" posts from Erva Tool. Wraparound 22½" diameter disk made of copper plated steel with built in collar. Place the baffle on the post at least 4-feet from the ground; close baffle by sliding the left tab into the right slot until it snaps firmly shut (see illustration, right). Brass screws provided to attach baffle to your post. Model SB-7-C. (Note: Erva Tool changed the material design of this item - switching from solid copper, to a "copper-tint" steel.) $33.95 
enlarged view >
coppertint steel baffle: Model SB-7-C by Erva Tool for 4x4 posts
For Hanging Applications:

Model SB-5  Disk Baffle for hanging feeders. 22½" diameter galvanized steel disk. When hanging from tree branch use a hook or chain and suspend feeder underneath it. Best results are obtained when the baffle is 12" or more lower than branch and 4' from the tree trunk. Bottom of the feeder must be at least 4' from the ground. Forest green. Hardware is included (shown below). Erva Tool model #SB5 $31.95   enlarged view >

also available:
SB-5C, coppery finish (same as SB-7-C above). $33.25

flat disc baffle - top view...click to enlarge"When you sold me this baffle it saved a squirrel's life." -- Jerry P. of Grand Blanc, MI.


hardware for SB5 baffleSB5 Hardware - steel, dual hanger, 8" long. Genuine replacement part for Erva SB-5 disk baffle. $6.95

(Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping)

sb5 sideview
Hanging Feeder Cages
Backyard Nature Products has introduced a new item that is sure to please those trying to deter annoying and destructive squirrels and large black birds from their hanging bird feeders. The feeder’s bail-wire fits through the top for hanging. The feeder attaches to the bottom plate, which then drops down for refilling. 

These cages come in three sizes that will accommodate most tube-style feeders:

13½” tall x 12” in diameter, $24.95
19½” tall x 12” dia., $27.95 (shown, with large Aspects tube feeder)
25½” tall x 12” dia., $31.95 (accommodates Aspects Big Tube feeder).

goldcrest-ant-moteAnt Mote by Songbird Essentials
Fill with water and hang your nectar (hummingbird, oriole, butterfly) feeders below....ants do not, will not, cross mote filled with water.  Also available in orange to compliment your favorite oriole feeder.  $5.95

hummingbird feeders >

oriole feeders >


detourantDetourant Ant Guard
Keep sugar ants out of liquid hummingbird and oriole feeders. The unique design slows down water evaporation requiring less frequent filling. 3¼" x 3¼". Item #DET. $7.95
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birdbaths & birdbath heaters & misters

Evans logoWe are proud to present Evans Lawn Ornaments birdbaths, stepping stones, fountains and benches - made in Michigan!  Evans has perfected a unique blend of sand, stone, and cement that goes into the making of each product.  The long-lasting finish they use brings out the color of the stone aggregate surface and it sparkles in the sunlight. 

Due to the heavy nature of these items, they are available for pick-up only (no shipping option at this time).


Water for all wildlife is essential.

We offer several varieties of birdbaths and water features - most of them made in America and constructed from a variety of materials: Cement, clay, aluminum, & plastic.


"Superior" bird baths by Evans (tall & regular)Evans Lawn Ornaments Aggregate Birdbaths

Superior Birdbath
Two pieces, top 2½" x 20" D, base 23" H, weighs 79 lb.
Shown right-rear;  item: Agg-11
  $95.00 (temp sold out) 

Junior Superior Birdbath
Two pieces, top 2½" x 20" D, base 18" H, weighs 70 lb. Michigan made. 
Item: Agg-25 
$83.00 (discontinued)

due to weight of these items - no shipping option is available: pick-up only

Evans calls this model: "pee-wee"Evans Brute, junior

Pee Wee one piece aggregate birdbath 11" high, 35 lbs. Item #AGG-010 (above left), $62.00 (temp sold out)
Brute Jr. - two piece birdbath - 15" high, 90 lbs. Item #AGG-017 (above right), $83.00 (temp sold out)



Louise shows off the new hanging birdbath from Black Cat Pottery - handcrafted in Detroit, MI >

Black Cat Pottery - Hanging bird bath
Cheryl English, clay artist, is making these hanging birdbaths for us.  Having earned a BA in Art History from Michigan State University and an MA in Art History and Archeology from Cornell University, she realized she much preferred making art to dissecting it.  Lucky for us.  Made in Detroit. 10" in diameter and 2¾" deep. $66.95
Burley Clay bird bath
We offer birdbaths by US made Burley Clay Co., from Roseville, OH. Burley Clay products are manufactured using a unique blend of the finest clay from their company-owned mines. This area is famous for its stoneware clay.  Since 1923, each birdbath bowl is still made by hand on a wheel; bases are made in a mold using tried-and-true method called "jiggering" processes that make their products great. We recommend you bring Burley Clay products indoors in winter so you'll have years of enjoyment. Each bath is individually hand-painted, and one of a kind.

Pictured to right: "Tree of Life" interior glaze to make cleaning easier.
Dish is 18½-inches diameter and stands proudly at 14¼ inches tall.


Enlarged view of lock-on-top dish >>
More Burley Clay designs - see .pdf >>



see also: Evans' garden benches & stepping stones
on our "garden page" >

small  concrete garden benchthe mitten - stepping stone

.Whitehall birdbath/feeder Whitehall Garden Feeder / Birdbath
This versatile stake mounted dish can be used as either a birdfeeder or small birdbath. Stake length, 18", bird feeder 9" dia. Made in Michigan out of recycled 3/16" thick cast aluminum...this is a very durable, rust-free, well-made product that should last a lifetime and provide hours of bird watching enjoyment and is also a great accent piece! Antique bronze finish. $29.00

enlarged view

Bird on a Branch Bird Bath
This lovely cast recycled aluminum bird bath will never rust, and the bird on the branch is also a fully functional sundial!  Breaks down for easy shipping, 26½” tall x 16” in diameter. bird-on-branch bird bath$210.00 (temp. out of stock)

enlarged views:  1   |  2

Whitehall hanging birdbathWhitehall Dragonfly Hanging Birdbath Dimensions: 15" diameter, 24" chain length. Packaged weight: 8 lbs. Cast aluminum - no rust. Verdigris finish. Made in USA. $44.00

see also Whitehall
bird feeders - thermometers
suet feeders 

pedestal style bird bathWhitehall's new oil-rubbed bronze finish - pedestal birdbathOakleaf Birdbath & Pedestal
This may be the last bird bath you'll ever buy!  It is the durable Whitehall brand bird bath on a stand;  "Oakleaf" pattern.  Dimensions: 15" Dia. x 26" H. Cast aluminum - no rust. Made in USA.   Available in 2 handsome finishes:

Verdigris (far left) $89.
Bronze oil-rubbed (near left) $89.


Water WigglerOriginal Water Wiggler - Attract birds to your birdbath and prevent the spread of West Nile Virus with the Water Wiggler. Birds perceive moving water as more inviting, and mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay and hatch their eggs. The Wiggler's unique, silent agitator action runs 24 hours a day, creating continuous ripples in water. Operates on 2 D Batteries (not included). 2 lbs. Safe for use with heater.  Model 4WW $33.95 


water-cooler (for the birds)The Water Cooler Bird Waterer by Perky-Pet - provides 1½ quarts of fresh water to your thirsty backyard birds. The unique water cooler shape allows your birds to have their own type of water cooler to gather around! Ergonomic handle enables easy filling and carrying. Dimensions: 3½" x 3½" x 9½". Made in USA. $11.95
hanging glass feeder or bird bathBird Baths/Feeders
by Couronne Co. of France
Made of recycled glass and metal, these birdbaths/feeders will attract many songbirds depending on your location and season, and they are sure to bring a nice touch of color to any garden. These larger flat hanging dishes are also a great container to use as a mealworm, fruit or suet feeder. The color glass is painted then baked on the bottom of the glass, strong enough to resist fading; this glass should be washed gently by hand with warm soapy water. 7¼" L x 7¼" W x 9¾" H. Available in 3 colors: blue, amber, grape green.
hanging glass feeder or bird bath
Avian Aqatics - Nature's way of attracting birds!Each mister gently sprays a fine mist over foliage, elevated above most predators and attracting the delightful antics of hummingbirds. These flying sprites are normally hard to spot, but with an Avian Aquatics mister, you'll be amazed at just how many are attracted as they dart through the mist again and again, or rub up against the wet leaves to leaf bathe. Junior Mister from Avian AquaticsJunior Mister by Avian Aquatics - Leaf and birdbath mister, includes 25 feet of ¼" tubing, brass faucet fitting, mister nozzle, reusable Velcro straps. Item# AAJRMR
Dripper/Mister rock base #aac420-pebbleAvian Mister & Dripper - Pebble base
With this mister/dripper combination, you will get the both features from a single water source. The dripper attracts many species and provides a constant water source; it can be set very conservatively so water receptacle won't overflow, and the mister will attract warblers and hummingbirds who love to bathe in the mist. This kit includes everything you will need: 1/4" copper dripper tube, dripper fitting, leaf-mister nozzle assembly, pebble base, 1/4" to garden hose adaptor, Y-Valve, 50' of 1/4" OD tubing, 2 PVC regulating valves, brass rock mister adaptor, 2 elbow connectors, and instructions. It sounds confusing, but it is so easy to follow the simple step-by-step, fully-illustrated instructions. $68.95  
Mister with pebble base: #AM430pAvian Mister - Pebble Base
These misters are simple to use and feature an exclusive custom water-saving valve. Each mister gently sprays a fine mist that attracts the delightful antics of hummingbirds and other species. Hummingbirds are normally hard to spot, but with this mister, you will be amazed at just how many are actually in your yard when you see them flying through the mist again and again, or rub up against the wet leaves to leaf bathe. Includes 50' of ¼" tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and a Y valve. Avian Aquatics Item# AAM430P
Dripper/Mister rock base #aac420rockAvian Mister & Dripper - Rock Base
Same as above with a layered rock base. Avian Aquatics Item #AAC420R.  $66.00

Dripper without Mister $51.95 (not shown)

One customer said, "I turned on the mister, and it was like watching kids at the beach! All the birds were all underneath the fine mist dipping and flipping their wings in delight."

bubbler with pebble base - item #AAW313Granite Bubbler by Avian Aquatics -
Attractive granite finish along with a quiet water flow makes this waterfall fit with many modern landscapes. It also produces a pleasant water-falling sound. Includes a "quiet"120 GPH pump. Molded fiberglass waterfall rock is ingeniously designed with its own hidden water pump. The result in any water holder with at least an inch and a half of water is a carefree flow of water so all you have to think about is the best place to sit and watch the show of birds that come and go!   Item # AAW313. $40.95
to top of pageto top Tips from JJ CardinalCleaning Tip
When cleaning bird baths use products that are engineered for the task like Care Free Bird Bath Protector with natural enzymes. If you're using household bleach mix 2 Tbs.of bleach and 1 cup of water; scrub clean and rinse thoroughly...then rinse again. Depending on weather conditions, clean every 3 to 7 days.

Integrated Heated Bird Baths and Removable Bird Bath Heaters

neatly boxed - ideal for shipping Heated All-Season Bird Bath - by Erva Tool.

Experiencing freezing temperatures in your sector of this marvelous planet? Erva's heated 14-inch diameter birdbath keeps water open and fresh all winter long. The 60-watt heating element is sealed beneath the black plastic dish, insulated & thermostatically controlled. The heated dish rests in a durable steel frame featuring a handsome gray granite environmentally friendly, powder-coat finish. Guaranteed to provide birds with a water source down to -20 degrees! The heated dish has a one-year warranty. Come spring, it's a snap to convert this unit into a traditional bird bath by simply replacing the heated dish with a non-heated plastic dish. Made in the USA. 

Erva uses only BPA-free plastics (bisphenol-A). Erva birdbaths are fully insulated & uses an energy-saving 60-watt heating coil with a thermostat that turns the unit on and off quickly, and only as needed. The cord is fully grounded (no need for an additional purchase of a GFI outlet).  Available models:


Some icing on the surface of the water is normal when temperatures are this low, especially if there is a breeze.

Your birdbath is not defective if ice begins to form around the rim.  Keeping your birdbath filled with water ensures the heating element will perform to its highest potential. As the water level decreases, icing will increase.

clamp-on model #BA1HErva Heated Clamp-On Bird Bath - model #BA1H, clamps to deck railing, with heated dish insert (see dish details above). $89.99

Erva's Heated Bird Bath on a Pole - model #BA10H, sturdy 2 section steel pole with heated insert dish. $99.99




heated bird bath dish model #D14BH

Erva's Heated dish insert (no frame) - model #D14BH, 14" diameter - replacement insert for heated bird baths shown above (models BA1H & BA10H).  $59.99


Non-heated dish for spring, summer and fall - rugged plastic dish fits Erva heated bird bath dish rings shown above (models BA1H & BA10H); perfect to replace heated insert when frost is not an issue.  Made in the USA, BPA free and non-toxic to birds.  Diameter: 14", depth: 1¼".  Item #D14GR. $14.99 >

our № 1 best selling heated bird bath...

Songbird Spa
The Songbird Spa is a versatile heated birdbath with three mounting options: screw on to a flat surface, clamp mount to a deck railing (shown - left), or with its little attachable legs placed it on the ground or patio. The built-in 75-watt heater keeps water from freezing down to -10º degrees Fahrenheit (23º C). It is thermostatically controlled and costs only pennies a day to operate. Songbird spa is perfect for year round use: the cord tucks securely under the bath when it is not in use. The water level is safe for songbirds but still holds over a quart of water. Full 2-year warranty, BPA free, UL approved 14¾” in diameter x 2¼” deep. $59.95


Birdbath & Multi-Use De-Icer
by Songbird Essentials
Economical 150 Watts of power. Cast aluminum construction for long-term efficiency and performance. Non-stick coating to reduce corrosion and eliminate lime buildup. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary - costs only pennies to operate. Designed for multiple uses around the home and farm. Use in bird baths, buckets of all sizes, small animal waterers, 15 gallon stock tanks and more. Safe for use in plastic. Submergible design with an impressive 5½ foot long power cord and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Item #SE994; made in the USA.

Four Seasons Heated Bird BathFour Seasons Sand Coated, Heated, Ground Bird Bath by Farm Innovators
Attractive sand-coated oasis can be used year-round. Its concealed heating element will keep water defrosted in winter. You can tuck the cord away for use in summer. Birds love its gentle slope to the water edge and the pebbly surface provides comfortable footing for birds. This heated bath is economical to use, too,   thermostatically controlled (shuts off when weather is warmer). Made in USA!   Model #FIFS1. $64.95

enlarged view

Allied deck-mount heated bird bathAllied Precision Heated Bird Bath
Versatile!  It may be mounted on a deck railing with its "EZ-Tilt" mounting bracket or mounted on its 37" PVC pole (included). Thermostatically controlled. 14" in diameter, Model #ALLIED-PR14B, Made in the USA!  $76.95
heated pet bowlHeated Pet Bowl/Heated Bird Bath in One
by Farm Innovators
One quart capacity. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Keeps water from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Heavy-duty cord protector on 6 foot cord. Great for cats, dogs, rabbits and birds (place rocks in bowl when using for wild birds only). Made in the USA, $28.95

We recommend
carefree fountain and bird bath treatmentCareFree Birdbath Protector products
for every pond and bird bath we sell.

[see "products" page for details]   

Thermo Pond 3.0 by K&H ManufacturingThermo-Pond 3.0 by K&H Manufacturing - a great, efficient pond heater. Uses only 100 Watts & maintains a hole in backyard pond ice for just pennies a day. Floats on top of the water. Thermostatically controlled - fish friendly - assists the escape of toxic gases all winter long to help maintain a toxic-free environment for fish living under the ice. Tested in northern Wisconsin at temperatures of 30 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). One-year limited warranty. Model #KH8001 was $70.25, NOW $53.95


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click shield - protect heated bird bath electric cordsClickShield
Weather-Resistant Cord Lock - Internal gasket assures a water-resistant connection between your birdbath heater cord, and an extension cord. Green. $6.95

predator guards & portal protectors (for bird houses)

example: steel portal cover on predator guardGoodPlanet™ Predator Guard
Replacement wooden predator guard 3-3/8" x 3-3/8" available with 1" and 1½" diameter holes, neatly routed edges.  Thickness: most are 7/8" but some are ¾" thick - let us know if you have a preference. Select from cedar and various hardwoods (oak, poplar, cherry, maple, walnut). Let us know, too, if you need screws. We like to attach our predator guards from the inside of front panel.  Made in the USA.  Wood block only $2.95;  $6.24 with a handsome steel portal cover.
one very well aged bird houseOver time, even the best made bird houses age and wear. The entrance, or portal, often is enlarged by squirrels trying to move in during a cold winter (left). Worse yet, critters are often found trying to get at young nestlings in unprotected boxes. The predator guard increases the distance (and reach) required to do harm to eggs or fledglings. Avoid the problem in the first place, with a metal portal protector from Erva Tool Co. below...

predator guard: it's just a wooden block of cedar with a hole in it.Predator Guard
yep, they are still just $2.95 each

Quantity discount: 2 - 9 predator guards $2.50 each

10 or more predator guards $2.00 each!

(Minimum web order / credit card charge: $10 + shipping)

steel bird house portal from Erva ToolSteel Portal Protector
It's just a flat steel plate with screws - but it provides protection for bird house entrance holes. Add to new houses to stop squirrels from enlarging hole; also the perfect solution for some nest boxes with existing damage. Tan powder coat finish. Overall size: 2" x 2" Available in 5 different hole openings: 1" (wren), 1-1/8" (chickadee &/or wren), 1¼" (nuthatch), 1½" (eastern bluebird), 1-9/16" (western bluebird). Made in the USA. Erva Tool Item #PH   $3.29 

(Minimum web/charge card order: $10 + shipping)

copper portal guardCopper Portal Protector
Looking for something a bit fancier than painted steel? Erva Tool Company has developed these rich looking portal protectors. Overall size 2" square, entry hole: 1
½". Screws included. Erva Tool Item #PH1C $3.39

(Minimum web/charge card order: $10 + shipping)

steel sunburst portal coverTan Sunburst
Decorative entrance portal protector Solid steel and made in the USA.  Screws included. 1.125" diameter opening (1-1/8"). Sadly this item has been discontinued by Erva Tool - our inventory is limited and we no longer have the larger 1½" diameter size in stock. 
$5.10 ea.
sparrow trap....handy cage in a boxSparrow Trap - Heavy Gage Galvanized Wire Netting, Fully Assembled, Easy to Set, Provides Years of Service. Reduce sparrow and starling populations so you can host bluebirds and purple martins! 10 x 7 x 18, $64.95. Includes complete instructions.

Looking for bird houses, nesting boxes and roosting boxes? See our "page" devoted to all things shelter >>

Bird House kits >>

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Birds Choice - copper-portalCopper Portal 
by Birds Choice™
Decorative & functional entrance portal protector made from solid copper.  Screws included. 1½" diameter opening, overall dimensions: 3-1/8" wide x 2¼" high. $2.25 each.

(Minimum web/charge card order: $10 + shipping)

poles, mounting brackets, hooks, & ground sockets

click to view larger version

Our collection of hardware from Erva Tool is sold "A la carte" - individual components that make up the perfect set-up for your situation. To help you "pull it all together" we have created this .pdf file illustrating a typical pole arrangement for bird feeding: hooks, pole, with anti-squirrel baffle, and options for securing this set-up in the ground.
[click image to view]

5-piece pole set 5-Piece Bird Feeder Pole
assembled height: 64". Ideal for shipping and simple assembly. Made of sturdy tubular steel with a matte black powder coat finish to accommodate even the heaviest feeders. Includes mounting flange with brass thumb screw, mounting screws, 3 tubular pole sections, and one heavy duty twister ground socket. Quality hardware from Erva Tool model #FP5T $59.99

enlarged view (but, it just a picture of a box)

5-pc-pole + 3 hook topper

Heavy Duty 8-Piece Sectional Pole & Hook Set
Made in the USA by Erva Tool
This set up features a three-arm (hook) topper with pole, all boxed in a package that is economical to ship*. The 3-piece-pole is 80-inches tall and is made out of heavy American-made 1" diameter tubular pole that will not rust through. And it is all secured by a sturdy twist-in-the-ground socket. Finial included to top it all off!   Ship weight: 11-pounds.


* "economical to ship" - compare the ala' carte prices of an 80" pole, twister ground socket and 3 hooks...this 8-pc set-up is less expensive - and costs less to ship than the individual pieces.

Erva pole extendersTubular Pole Extension - fits standard 1" diameter pole (see right: FP1, FP3, FP5). Extensions are available in the following sizes:
  model #TE9   $7.25  (extends 7")
  model #TE14  $9.25 (extends 12")
  model #TE20  $9.50 (extends 20")
  model #TE28  $11.99 (extends 25½")

"Ideal for situations where pole needs to be just a wee-bit taller."
(please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping)

steel poles for mounting bird feeders and bird housesTubular Steel Poles
from Erva Tool Co.
1" diameter. Black powder coat finish, available in 2 lengths:
  • Six-foot eight inches (80") far left, #FP1NF.  $31.50
    Five foot (60") near left, #FP-3.  $25.99

    Shipping note: due to the length of these items UPS does apply additional shipping charges - please call for details.

see ground sockets below
to securely sink these poles into the ground
TE9X - Erva pole connector



TE9X  5” double 'swedge' pole connector
For connecting two 1” poles.

Erva's decorative basket pole extenderDecorative Basket Pole Extender - Need to raise your pole set up slightly for better viewing, or want to give it a special look? Try adding the Decorative Basket, a 6" extender for our 1" poles. Powder coat steel, model #BASK. Made in USA. $22.99

Suggestion: You can put your basket to work...fill this decorative basket with nesting materials in spring and summer, and pack it with softened suet in winter!

enlarged view

Blue Bird House Pole - Two-part, 72" tall overall but once installed in the ground it will be 58" tall. It has screw holes drilled through the ½" shaft to which you can mount your wooden bird house (screws included). Generous installation foot 14" long keeps steel pole from tipping. Simple to install!   Item #RT8.  Made in the USA.  (near right)  $36.99

enlarged view

Butterfly Box Pole - We sell so many of these we had Erva custom manufacture these for us based on a discontinued design.
Ideal for mounting bluebird houses or for butterfly hibernation boxes. Made in the USA from 7/16" square steel stock. 49" tall overall, once installed bird or butterfly house will be 40" tall. Generous installation foot sinks 9" into the ground - keeps pole from tipping. Similar to Erva's former model #RT9 without rectangle plate (far right).   $21.95

enlarged view


RT-8   (2 pieces snap together)great for bluebird houses and butterfly houses

Wrought Iron Series
Shepherd Staff Poles
by Erva Tool, Chicago, IL

Shepherd staff poles feature a sturdy ½" square steel-stock with durable powder-coated finish, an exclusive "Stability Blade®" which makes these poles uncommonly sturdy.  The blade is designed to be sunk securely a full 12" into the ground.

"Erva products are the kind of equipment you buy once and use a lifetime," says Louise Dawson, owner and founder of J.J. Cardinal's.

"short single" - Model #RT4 (not shown), 73" tall, 13" reach $35.99
"tall single" - Model #RT3, 93"tall, 13" reach $41.99
Adjustable height (61" to 93") 2-arm Model #RTAD2 $65.99
#RTAD2 has an exclusive safty feature: a head-less screw that tightens with the provided allen wrench.

tall single shepherd's pole #RT3Erva's #RTAD2 - adjustable height

Erva Hummingbird Feeder pole
77" Tall!  Made from 3/8" round steel stock - powder coat finish. Great stability. Holds rainguard, moat and hummingbird feeder without effort. Step in pedal for easy installation. Made in USA.  Black.  Item #HP77. $21.95  

Note to web-shoppers - This item will cost extra to ship because it is what UPS considers to be "oversized".  (We tend to think it's perfectly-sized for small hummers and small hummingbird feeders.)

hummingbird feeders >>

hummer-pole (yes, the image is slanted....to preserve web page space....but, you'll want it standing tall and proud in your yard.
2-arm pole attachment2 Hook Pole Top Mounting hanger - the tapered end of this item fits a standard 1" diameter tubular pole. Solid steel, black powder coat finish. Decorative finial covering center fitting can be removed to add multiple units. Erva Tool model #FPDUO  $19.50  4-arm pole hanger by Erva Tool Co. (#fpquad)4 Hook Pole Top Mounting hanger - the tapered end of this item fits a standard 1" diameter tubular pole. Solid steel, black powder coat finish. Made in the USA by Erva Tool - item #FPQUAD with decorative finial - the perfect hanger assembly for tubular poles (listed above). $41.99

Erva Extended 4-Arm Topper
This "knock-down" style hook assembly fits stand 1" diameter tubular poles. Sturdy 3/8" square steel arms extend 22" (in 4 directions). Will hold up to 10 lbs. per arm. Great for shipping (since the arms can be removed)...roughly 1/2 the ship weight of the 4-hook Pole Top (#FPQUAD shown above right). Made in USA. Item #ERQUAD. Includes decorative finial.  $49.99

gardener alert: the #ERQUAD (left) is not recommended for tomato "topsy-turvey" hanging planters - too heavy

fin·i·al /fineel/ Noun
1. A distinctive ornament at the apex of a roof, pinnacle, canopy, or similar structure.
2. An ornament at the top, end, or corner of an object such as a post, piece of furniture, etc.

"finial" - in the form of a cardinal

Cardinal Finial
by Erva Tool
Fits 1" tubular poles.  Powder-coated steel with rubber gasket to block moisture.
Made in USA, item #finca.  4" tall x 6" wide.


it's just a finial

Erva Finial - a decorative attachment
made of 100% plastic - nothing remarkable. It's black. Fits standard 1" diameter pole...stands proudly at 4-1/8 inches (and would very likely measure the same laying on it's side).  While decorative, as the name implies, the genuine Erva Finial serves a vital purpose: it keeps rain water out of your pole...which, frankly we thought was not a big deal until a customer brought in a pole many years ago with a massive split down the side. It seems the pole had filled with water and then froze. Ice beats steel in this case. Lesson learned. Included at no additional charge with Erva #ERQUAD, #FPQUAD, and #FPDUO pole top hook assemblies. Also sold separately for just $3.99

note: minimum $10 credit card & web orders....how about adding a few suet cakes to your order?

Steel Pole Mounting Flanges
by Erva Tool - steel mounting flanges have a durable, black powder-coat finish, and are perfect for mounting wooden bird feeders or houses on straight, tubular poles. Will accommodate ¼" to 1" diameter poles. Solid brass thumb screw secures feeder to pole. Zinc-coated screws included.
click here for enlarged view of Erva round mounting flange #RNDTOPRound Top Mounting Flange -
3" diameter. Made in the USA by Erva Tool. Black powder coated finish, mounting screws included.
Item  #RNDTOP. $9.99 
enlarged view
Erva rectanglular mounting flange (item #FPTNF) - no center holeMounting Flange - Flat rectangle 3¼" x 5-5/8". Made in the USA by Erva Tool. Item # FPTNF $10.00
enlarged view
2-sided mounting flange - click for enlarged viewTwo-Sided Mounting Flange -  This versatile connection helps mounting wooden bird feeders or houses on either horizontal or vertical surfaces. The pole adapter, accommodating ¼" to 1" diameter poles, is welded to a solid steel "L-shaped" flange (2" x 2"). Solid brass thumb screw secures feeder to pole. Made in the USA by Erva Tool Co. model # BBTOP $10.99
enlarged view
Erva rectanglular mounting flange (item #FPTNH) with center holeMounting Flange - Flat rectangle with center hole - 3-1/8" x 5-5/8", ideal for mounting seed trays below your favorite feeder (see example on hopper feeder page). Made in the USA by Erva Tool. Item # FPTNH $11.99
enlarged view
Erva "slip-Fit" mounting flange - item #YSFFSlip Fit Pole Top Flange Plate - by Erva Tool Co.
For pole mounting a variety of feeders and bird houses.  Round flange attaches to feeder or house, narrow end "slips" into 1" diameter tubular pole (such as the Erva #FP1NF above). Threaded center hole. Dimensions: base 3" diameter, slip-shaft outside diameter: 7/8" x 3" long. Item #YSFF, made from steel right here in the USA. Powder coat matte black finish.  $7.99

Ideal for pole mounting several Erva "barrier guard" feeders like the
"SUET1" Steel Suet Caged Feeder shown on our suet page, and Meal Worm Barrier Guard Feeder on our feeder page.

pole adapter tube feeder pole-mounting adapterPole Adapter from Erva Tool. Attach Droll Yankee & Aspects tube style feeders quickly to 1" diameter tubular poles. Adapter is threaded on one end which attaches to your feeder, opposite end slides into pole. Easy to remove for cleaning or adding seed. Approx. 2½" tall. Item #POLADAP. $8.99

(please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping)

detail for Erva clamp designDeck Arms
Erva Tool has designed their deck clamps to easily fit common deck railing construction where 2x dimensional lumber is horizontal. (Maximum thickness/opening: 2½")
ideal for mounting feeders off deck railingsDeck Mounting Arm - straight
Adjustable twisting clamp (see detail left). Item #FP6 with rectangle or round mounting flange. Pole height: 20". $26.95
clamp-on, adjustable deck hanging bracketAdjustable double deck hanger - clamp-on, solid steel, dual hanger. Swivel each hanger 360 degrees, and adjust height of each arm. Powder coat finish with decorative brass balls on the ends of each element. Height from top of clamp: 32", hanger arms extend 16" from main shaft. (See clamp detail above.) Made in the USA by Erva Tool model # RB2DCL. $62.95 RB2SC adjustable deck armAdjustable single deck hanger - clamp-on - by Erva Tool. Made from solid steel, powder coat finish with decorative brass balls on the ends of each element. Swivel each hanger 360 degrees, and adjust height of each arm. Height: 32", hanger arms extend 16" from main shaft. Erva Tool model # RB2CL   $49.99
Erva screw mount deck hook #RT2FDStationary Off-Set Deck Hanger - ideal for decks with railing, or fences and other wood surface where you need the off-set feature; screw-mount. Solid steel, black powder-coat finish. Dimensions: 32" tall, reach: hanger extends 12½".  Made in the USA.
Erva Tool Item #RT2FD; "special order only" - please allow additional 2-3 days for order fulfillment.
$33.95 each
Item #RT2BROAdjustable tall deck railing hanger
from Erva Tool 
Extends 37" to 64" high and it has an 18" reach.  Designed for the Brome Squirrel Buster and other "squirrel proof" feeders that require an 18" reach necessary to thwart the squirrels, but also great for anyone who needs a great quality hook to hang something from a deck railing. Powder coat finish - steel construction. See Deck Arm detail above regarding clamp dimensions.
Item #RT2BRO.  $47.99
coil-hanger fits 1" tubular polesQuick Connect Coil Hanger by Erva Tool
16" reach, black powder-coat matte finish over steel. Strong: support up to 10 lbs. Fits standard 1" tubular poles (like Erva's #FP1, FP3 & FP5 above). This is item #FPWF2, and is made in the USA.  $7.99

(please respect our
minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping)

Erva's 25" swinging deck arm - clamp-onSingle Swing Arm Bracket - Clamp-mount - Made from solid steel, powder coat finish with decorative brass ball on the end of pole.  Reach: 26", overall height: 17", max weight: 10 lbs. Erva Tool model #SSRB3CL.  $38.99 

enlarged views: 12

Single Swing Arm Bracket - Screw mount - model #SSRB3SC (not shown) "special order only" - please allow additional 2-3 days for order fulfillment. $37.99

branch-like steel coil hanger by Erva Tool - item FPWF3

"Branch" Style Hangers by Erva Tool
Coil pole-mount hanger simulated branch-style design (see left) with 3 leaf-like silhouettes effective reach: 27". Black powder-coated steel. Fits standard 1" diameter tubular poles; goes on with a twist!  No tools required. Made in the USA. Item #FPWF3, 24" reach.  $16.99

Erva wall mount hanger model #wb1Wall Mount Hanger - steel, powder coat finished (black) with brass cap. Reach: 16½", screw mount. Made in the USA by Erva Tool model #WB1  $16.99 Erva wall mount hanger model #wb2Adjustable Wall Mount Hanger - steel, powder coat finished (black) with brass cap. Reach: 16½", screw mount. Thumb screw adjustments to swivel side-to-side and/or up-and-down. Made in the USA by Erva Tool model #WB2  $28.99

wrought iron hook by the HookeryThe Hookery wrought iron hook
6" reach $8.95 includes mounting screws.

Import Alert: made in India. (Please respect our
minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

Erva wall hanger model #RT7Solid Wall Hanger by Erva Tool - square steel stock, heavy duty, powder coat black finish, mounting screws included. Made in the USA. 20" #RT6 $14.99

Deck Hooks - 2 styles:
Vertical Clamp Deck Rail Bracket

Made of ½ inch round steel. Matte black finish. Length of the arm from the top of the deck rail is 15” and the reach is 9½”. Clamp is 2” x 2½” x 2¾”. $19.25

Horizontal Clamp Deck Rail Bracket
Made of ½” round steel. Matte black finish. Length of the arm from the top of the deck rail is 15” and the reach is 9½”. Clamp is 2” x 2½” x 2¾”. $19.25


import alert: yep, these are not made in America.

Forest Green Deck Rail Bracket
Made of sturdy 3/8” round steel. Length of the arm from the top of the deck rail is 29” and the reach away from the deck is approximately 10”. Clamp is 2” x 2” x 2¾”. $26.95


import alert: yep, these are not made in America.

suction cup window hook

Great Hang Up Window Hanger
Two sturdy suction cups stick to the glass surface and will hold up to 4 pounds! Perfect for: Small to medium bird feeders, wind chimes or sun catchers, small plants. The arm is 11" tall and the reach is 6-5/8". 90% post consumer recycled plastic.Made in the USA! Model #WL13207   
Just $6.95

Instructions for use: Clean window glass, soak suction cups two minutes in warm water, press center of cup to stick to window. To remove the Great Hang Up simply lift tabs on the side of the suction cups. Because the sun and elements are hard on plastics, we recommend that suction cups are replaced annually.

Erva's "armclamp1" small mounting bracketArm Clamp Bracket
This little steel clamp is great for attaching suet cages and other accessories to Erva's round 1" diameter tubular poles. Brass thumb screw. Made in USA. Item #armclamp1.  $4.60

5 position bracket

5 Position Adjustable Bracket
Light duty wall bracket. 5/16" Diameter rod x 24". Screws into wall, post or window frame. Can be positioned 5 ways and holds up to 10 lbs. Once the desired position is achieved the arm nests into chosen slot for a "locked" fit.  17" arm reach. Black powder coate finish. Screws included. Made in the USA by Erva Tool. item #SA5PW.  $21.95



Droll Yankees window hookDroll Yankees Window Hook 
Ideal for hummingbird or smaller songbird feeders…but it can be used to hang a variety of items.
- Attaches securely with two strong suction cups that can hold up to four pounds.
- The circle hook keeps item solidly in place so it will not blow off in the wind. Stainless steel construction is durable and will not rust.
- Extends out 8”, Droll Yankees item #WHK.  $12.95

we sell suction cups!



We carry a variety of amazingly strong suction cups more info >

Erva's ground socket auger for poles

Erva's 4x4 twister ground socket

Made with pride in the USA
[click to see picture taken late summer 2009 of Mr. Heyek, founder of Erva Tool & Manufacturing Co. in Chicago, IL, standing near a milling machine he's been using since 1967.]

Twister Ground Socket Auger for poles by Erva Tool. Perfect for pole-mounting feeders. Black powder-coat finish, all-steel. Auger shaft extends 21", pole socket interior dimension: 1". (shown above laying on it's side). $24.99 4 x 4 Twister Ground Socket by Erva Tool. Ideal for post-mounting projects. Tan finish, all-steel. Auger shaft extends 21", post socket: 3½" square x 6" tall. (shown above, item is laying on it's side). Erva item #T4XT4.  $38.95

Ground sockets - help you easily set-up your pole mounted feeder

Steel "cat-tail" ground stick for 1" diameter pole mounting applications. US-made by Erva Tool Co.. Steel. Insert 18" into ground, remaining 6" above ground (slide 1" diameter pole over thick end of cat-tail for secure fit). Item #GRNDSTK   $12.99

bronze hooksHooks - genuine bronze hooks and hangers by Erva. Ideal for light duty service such as small bird feeders or hanging plants. (Please respect our
minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

Hooks are 1/8" (dia.):
- BR20  20"   $3.99
- BR14  14"   $3.00
- BR8      8"   $2.60
- BR3      3"   $2.29

13 inch steel hanging cable (times 2 = 26")Steel Hanging Cable - ideal for hanging wooden hopper style bird feeders - coated in plastic - durable.  26" hanger. No screws needed. Drill out a 3/16" hole, insert tip, mushroom out end, and that's it. Weight rated for 75 pounds. $2.95  (Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

branch hook - available in 4 lengthsBranch Hooks
by Erva Tool of Chicago, IL
Stable & sturdy .25" Steel Wire, powder coat black finish, includes green vinyl end caps. Fits over branch limbs up to 6" in diameter. Ideal for hanging planters, bird feeders, and chimes. Available in 4 lengths:

· 12" Long, item: BH12   $ 7.50
· 24" Long, item: BH24    $ 9.75
· 36" Long, item: BH36    $11.25


Our indoor chime stands by Carson are
shown on our "garden page" >

high reach hangerHigh Reach Hanger
Simply use a broom handle for the reach!  Great for hanging birdfeeders, birdhouses, baskets, wind chimes, tools, etc. Holds up to 20 pounds.  Made in the USA. Songbird Essentials item #SE992.  $8.95 each.

(Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

secure your bird feeders with this locking chain Utility Hanger by Wildlife Accessories
23" chain with snap swivel on one end, the other end has loop to secure your feeder. Ideal for suet cages, tube feeders and other gear that tends to get knocked off or dragged off by pesky critters. $3.95 now in-stock

enlarged view

added benefit: lightweight - inexpensive to ship!  (Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

so who is this guy: J.J. Cardinal? click here to find out....J.J.'s Tips: Setting up your backyard habitat is easier than you think. First consider placing feeders where they can be seen from your favorite viewing area. Next, consider and accommodate the functionality of the equipment. For example, placing a "squirrel-resistant" feeder so close to a tree that the critter can reach the prize without leaving the tree sort of defeats the purpose of the feeder's design. Lots of creative home-hobby gals & guys have tried to rig up gadgets and gizmos for baffles, hangers and poles. If they are attractive and functional, great, we love DIY. If not, give us a call...we've researched the typical hardware needs and field tested most all commercially made stuff. If it works as advertised, we carry it. If not, we let the slick marketing folks sell the junk to the big box stores.
More info...
multi-taskingHere's an example of a well appointed Erva pole system - one pole for 5 items:
A. Color Dome Feeder mounted on a short pole extender to 1" diameter tubular pole;
B. Hummingbird feeder off one hook on the a double duo-hanger (item 2 #FPDUO HOOKS, above);
C. flowering basket hangs from 2nd hook;
D. thistle feeder hangs from 3rd hook;
E. suet cage hangs from 4th hook.
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seed scoops & brushes

how would you like to be called a "BIG DIP"?The Big Dipper - This scoop makes those big jobs quick and easy -- great for scooping birdseed, dog & other pet food, and for gardening chores. 2 Qt. capacity. It even will sit "upright" with it's nice, flat bottom & won't tip over. $5.95

(Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

Droll Yankees transparent seed scoopDroll Yankees Transparent Blue Seed Scoop - flat section allows you to rest a partially filled scoop without spilling...freeing your hands to tend to other tasks (like opening a feeder lid). Wide mouth for scooping and a narrow funneled end for pouring. The well-positioned handle makes the transition from scooping to pouring quick and easy. 14" long and holds over 2 pounds of seed, pet food, or other grains. Durable plastic construction - designed to withstand years of daily use. Made in the USA. Model #SS2, $16.95
J.J.'s favorite seed scoop with built-in funnelFunnel Seed Scoop - features a wide mouth for scooping and a narrow funneled end for pouring. The funnel doubles as a handle. A sliding cover prevents spillage before you are ready to pour. Simply open the sliding cover with your thumb or finger to pour. It can be used for bird seed, pet food, animal grain, ice melt, or whatever you need to scoop. It measures 10" long and holds 3 cups. Made of burgundy plastic and is designed to hold up to years of daily use.  $5.95   (Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

galvanized seed storage cansGardman hanging seed tray<< see also, our durable steel seed storage containers -
keep bugs out & seed fresh

Seed trays and seed catchers >>

more cleaning products >>

Long Brush - ideal for cleaning tubular-style bird feeders. 24" long (shown) and only $5.95.
Super Long Brush 36" (not shown - looks just like the one below but the shaft is 12" longer)  $6.95
Made in USA by Wildlife Accessories
24-inch brush

"Clean feeders attract more birds!"

Hummer Plus - a great little brush by Droll YankeesHummer Plus (right) a great brush by Droll Yankees.
Curved, soft natural bristles, ideal for cleaning hummingbird feeders. Made in America!
$ 5.95

(Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

small brushesHummingbird feeder brushes

The Perfect Little Brush (aka: PLB) - ideal for reaching tiny spaces like your favorite hummingbird feeder, 3½” long. $1.50

Test tube brush by Holland Hill, 9” long. $ 6.25

(Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)


the whisker brush - great for bird baths and household cleaningWhisker Brush made in the USA by Wildlife Accessories - great for cleaning bird baths, bird feeders - and other household projects. Stiff synthetic bristle. Made out of recycled tires and milk jugs. $6.95  (Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

see JJ's Cleaning Tip below

hummingbird feeder brush by Wildlife AccessoriesHandy BrushHummer Brush - for cleaning hummingbird and other style feeders. 13" long, bristle 1½" diameter. Flexible steel wire handle. Wildlife Accessories item #S-10037. $6.95

Handy Brush (right) 12" long, 1¼" wide, Made in the USA. Part #S10057. $5.95

(Please respect our minimum web-order: $10 plus shipping.)

how to order...Okay, admittedly we're "low-tech"...but what we do - we do well, swift, accurate and honest. Your order should be in transit in less than 24-hours, often same day. See our orders page for more information regarding shipping carriers & nominal shipping charges.
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