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We enjoy personal care products that are made of natural ingrediants: Burt's Bees, OM!, and the Naked Bee...

the late Burt Shavitz, founder & namesake of company (1935-2015)Burt’s Bees and J.J. Cardinal's have been promoting natural lifestyles and products since 1991, offering distinctive all-natural personal care products.

Today, Burt’s Bees is the leading manufacturer in natural personal care with over 150 Earth-friendly products, including face care, body care, hair care, lip care, personal wash, men’s grooming, baby care, outdoor remedies, kits and gifts. All Burt's products have the highest levels of natural ingredients, nature-safe processes, and environmentally sensitive packaging. Burt’s Bees products are available through fine retail stores like J.J. Cardinal's. 


Please call for current product availability.

we sell a lot of Burt's lip balm....

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om!  handmade soap withgreen karma

A unique collection of soaps, lotions & bath products that are "Handmade With Green Karma" and guaranteed to deliver the calmness and tranquility that comes with pure consciousness.
Made in Michigan.

OM! hand-soapOM! Handmade Soaps This is what put OM! on the map. Their handcrafted soaps come in many decadent scents, so we know we have at least one you will love. And each is made with tender loving care because you deserve it! 3.5 oz., $5.00
om! lotion bar

OM! Lotion Bar They have taken all the "Peace, Love and Green Karma" of their popular soap products and infused them in a solid body lotion. Let the heat from your hands melt enough to spread over your body and enjoy the epidermal ecstasy! 0.85 oz., $5.00

om! gift set

Om! Triple Treat Gift Set
When they say that good things come in threes, they were not kidding! You get a soap, lotion bar, and bath bomb for one terrific trio. It is a perfect way to introduce Peace, Love and Green Karma to someone you love! $15.00

om! bath-bombs

OM! Bath Bombs
The name says it all - drop one in your tub and watch it explode into a delightful mixture of color, scent and moisturizing goodness designed to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 2.68 oz. each bomb, three pack, $10.00

om! skin candy

OM! Skin Candy
Treat your skin to this wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating bath bars. Gently massage the rich butters and exfoliates all over your body in the bath or shower. Rinse and pat dry and feel the silky smoothness. Your skin is going to love you for it! Available in two sizes: 3.29 oz., $10.00 and 6.59 oz., $18.00.

Naked Bee
"All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff."

We now offer Naked Bee's 70% organic skin conditioning lotion and moisturizer for hand and body, a triple-milled oatmeal soap with saponified beeswax, a long-lasting organic olive oil, honey and beeswax lip balm, and other Naked Bee items to keep your skin healthy. Naked Bee began manufacturing personal care products in 1991, but it wasn't until about 4 years ago that with the creation of one of their unique blends, Orange Blossom Honey, did the company begin to really stand out. They used this blend as the foundation for this new line calling it The Naked Bee. It's a big hit with our customers and we all love it, too.

  • 70% organic skin conditioning lotion and moisturizer for hand and body

  • Shampoo & Conditioner with honey and spirulina

  • Triple milled oatmeal soap with saponified beeswax and guar gum

  • Organic olive oil, honey and beeswax lip balm

  • Clean burning 100% paraffin-free palm wax and beeswax travel candle


Made In The USA
Call today for availability & pricing

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