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This is Sophie and her parents. They came in to the shop to pick up her award for winning one of our "We Love Cardinals" art contest prizes.
Good job, Sophie! Our “We Love Cardinals Contest” was held for all local elementary age school children.

event date & description
Saturday, March 18, 11:00 am Story Hour – Chippy Chipmunk After we read a charming story about Chippy Chipmunk and his friends we will have a craft and snacks for the kids. For ages 4 to 9 and $3.00.
Saturday, March 25, 11:00 am Build an Eastern Bluebird Box Assemble and decorate a solid wood nesting box that is approved by the North American Bluebird Society, and learn all about the eastern bluebird and how to attract them. For ages eight through adult ... $24.95.
Saturday, April 1, 11:00 am Make a Fruit Feeder for Orioles You will assemble and decorate a solid wood feeder will attract a variety of colorful birds including the Baltimore and orchard orioles. For ages five through adult and $9.95.
Tuesday, April 4, 4:30 pm Orchard Mason Bee Workshop Have you an interest in hosting one of the best little pollinators native to Michigan, the blue orchard mason bee? These docile, non-aggressive little bees are a delight to invite into your gardens. This workshop includes the construction of a mason bee home and all the accessories to keep them happy and healthy. $44.00 kit includes a started set of live mason bees, a locally made mason bee home, nester tubes, replacement nester tubes for spring 2018, mason bee mud mix, Invitabee attractant and information about mason bee hosting. For ages eight through adult. Class is "full".
Tuesday, April 18, 4:30 pm Design Your Own Kite A hands-on building experience building your own 3-corner kite. Kit project includes paints and other materials to turn your kite into a masterpiece! For ages five to adult, and $16.95.
Saturday, April 29, 11:00 am Make A Hummingbird Feeder Assemble an elegant copper and glass hummingbird feeder and then decorate it will a variety of materials to lure hummingbirds in to feed. $12.00 fee includes hummingbird nectar mix and all materials to complete the project. See a real hummingbird’s nest, too! For ages five through adult.
Saturday, May 20, 11:00 am Praying Mantis Lodge You will construct and decorate a sturdy cardboard container to house a mantis egg pod until it hatches. Learn all about this beneficial insect, too. Class includes all materials to complete the project and a "live" mantis egg pod. For ages five through adult. $10.00
Saturday, May 27, 11:00 am Hummingbird (Perching) Swing Hummingbirds will actually use this pretty grapevine/copper/beaded swing to perch and rest in between nectar feedings. Fee includes all materials to complete the project. See an actually hummingbirds nest and learn neat hummingbird facts, too. For ages five through adult. $14.00 (pictured: an early prototype; yours may look different)

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