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So many styles and designs! To help your search for the ideal product we've grouped feeders based on basic design (see list below/right).

Those with a really sharp eye can spot Leon in the background.  Sly dude.

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We love quality.  Products that are well designed and well-made get our juices going! It's a delight to show our guests bird feeders & houses that they won't find in some import-rich Big Box store.  If you are looking for something that's made to last for your backyard habitat you will want to see more of these feeders below built by American craftsmen  

See also quality Bird Houses >

fast find! (click item below)  - Bluebird Feeders
  - Window Mount Feeders
  - Mesh Screen Feeders & Socks
  - Nutty Feeders & other Squirrelly Stuff
  - Creative, elegant & simple feeder designs

First, let's delve into a little history lesson...

The drawing to the left illustrates the first bird feeder to earn a United States patent: 1,592,493.  The description of the invention by Lewis P. Kelly of Peoria, IL may be a fascinating read for history buffs.  Thanks to Google Patents those of us with internet connections can do a bit of research and read the actual patent application: https://www.google.com/patents/US1592493

Kelly's abstract says in part that his invention provides: "a form of feeder consisting of two sections of wire screen...adapted to clamp between them the feeding material" which Kelly describes as "fat or suet".

"An advantage of this form of feeder is that it may be fed from at either side thus giving double feeding capacity and accommodation for a number of birds at the same time."

J.J. Cardinal's offers a host of variations of Mr. Lewis' suet feeder...see our "suet page" >

Bluebird Feeders

cage blocks larger, unwanted visitorsMeal Worm Barrier Guard Feeder - Caged Bluebird Feeder by Erva Tool -- Features a blue glass mealworm cup and barrier guard. Steel lid and base serve as baffles (top & bottom) with sturdy wire "cage" crafted from 16 gauge vinyl coated steel wire. 1½" openings to keep out starlings & squirrels.   Place meal worms or other foods in glass dish inside the cage.  The top & bottom steel discs have a blue powder-coated finish. Hanging cable is made from vinyl coated steel.  Can be hung from common shepherd's pole or deck hooks.  14"W X 18"H. Model #BBF1.  $69.99  enlarged view >

bluebird at High Pointe

Not all birds eat shelled seeds.
To attract those that eat fruit and insects (bluebirds, mockingbirds, robins, and even warblers and thrushes) try mealworms, berries or other fruit, seeds without shells (hulled sunflower), and suet. Many seed eating birds like woodpeckers and chickadees also enjoy fruit and bugs, too.

<<  Eastern Bluebird - image captured by Louise near her home at High Pointe, 2009

Mounting hardware: see the Erva "Slip Fit" Pole Flange on our accessories & hardware page >

new Erva caged bluebird feeder

Note: Erva's Bluebird Meal Worm feeder finish/color changed in 2013 (older, light blue version shown here)

Squirrel Buster - pole mounted with tray


Squirrel Buster Plus - pole mounted with seed catching tray - see our "Tube feeder" page >

Bluebird feeder - recycled poly-lumber Bluebird Feeder by Second Nature - Made from recycled plastic. Aluminum hinge, stainless steel screws. Features holes in each end, 2 holes in see-thru plexy sides; 13½" x 10¼" x 8". Roof soft, dusty blue roof, sides & base tan. Model #SNBBF. $59.95 

Cedar version (similar design & size as above)
item # WCBBF:  $52.95

See more Second Nature brand recycled products: Hopper Feeders, Suet Feeders, and Oriole Feeders




Two suggested mounting options for Bluebird Feeder (left):
1. Pole - straight 5 ft.x 1-inch diameter tubular steel feeder mounting pole; powder-coat black finish. Item #FP3 (not shown) $25.99    More info >
2. Deck mounting arm - adjustable twisting clamp (right). Item #FP6 $26.95   More info >

Bluebird feeder Bluebird Feeder
Cedar feeder has 1-9/16 inch hole in both ends to provide access to mealworms or seed. This "Looker" designed feeder features a roof that pivots for easy filling. The feeder hangs by a vinyl coated steel cable, or mounted using hardware like the Erva FP6 shown above. You can see the activity through clear plexi-panels on 2-sides. 12" L x 9" W x 8" H; weight: 6 lbs. Made in the USA by Songbird Essentials. Model:#SE557. 

Meal Worm Feeder Dish - by Erva Tool
Semi-transparent blue glass dish, with steel coil hanger that wraps around a pole. Hanger
fits round or square poles up to ½" diameter.   $17.99

enlarged view:  1

JJ Cardinal Tip: bluebirds do not typically eat shelled birdseed...see our "seed page" for several varieties without shells such as our famous "No-Mess Mix" or shelled sunflower, or even NutraSaff - organic safflower.

bluebird-flower-feederBluebird Flower Feeder - Environmentally friendly black powder-coated wire frame provides support for the birds while feeding. One cup for offering mealworms or bluebird food. 7¼" x 7½" x 10½". Item #BBFF. Made in the USA.   $13.95

See also: similar design for orioles >

Aspects Vista DomeVista-Dome by Aspects
Protect your feeder from the elements! 12” diameter dome shelters 8½" feeder tray. The distance between the dome and tray is completely adjustable to limit the access of undesirable birds or squirrels while offering a variety of foods: seed, nuts, suet, fruit & meal worms. Ideal for attracting Bluebirds. Made from molded UV stabilized polycarbonate, the strongest plastic available, stainless steel hanging rod, and solid brass hardware. This feeder is usually hung, but can be post mounted. Item #278  $44.95
model X1 - with a blue tint.Droll Yankees X-1 "the seed saver feeder" - a great multi-purpose, covered feeder. With steep sides in feeding dish it's ideal for offering your bluebirds meal worms. The adjustable height dome will keep out larger birds (but not squirrels) as well as the weather. Hang it using the brass rod or mount it on a pole. 7" diameter; holds about a pound of your favorite seeds. Light tint color: bluebird pleasin' blue!  $36.95
enlarged view - click here

see below: Droll Yankees "cute" little chickadee feeder

< See Also...below: 
       Droll Yankees Cutest Chickadee Bird Feeder

mealworm larvae & darkling beetleWhat is a "mealworm" (you ask)?
Mealworms are insects, not really worms. What appears to be a worm is the larval form of the darkling beetle. They make excellent feeders for small mammals, reptiles, and birds. Eager to learn more? Check this site sponsored by Wikipedia, or try searching Google.   We do not have "live" meal worms in-stock at this time.

just a pile of dried meal wormsDried Meal Worms
Roughly 2,800 mealies, 3½ ounces, serve 'em "straight" or mix with seed. 100% natural, premium bird food, use year round. Product of Planet Earth.   $8.85

12 ounces  $19.91
16 ounces (1 pound)  $21.95

[added benefit: lightweight & economical to ship]

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Bluebird Munch - they love this concoction! Dehydrated blueberries, beef suet, natural peanut butter, peanut and sunflower meat bits, hulled white-proso millet, and dehydrated mealworms.  See our "suet page" for more info >

Window Feeders

A-Frame Window Mount Feeder by GoodPlanet™
Bring the songbirds in for close-up observation with our new “A-Frame” suction-cup-mounted window bird feeder. This is also a great bird feeder for children’s bedrooms, classrooms, or for people in nursing homes, and assisted living. It would provide hours of viewing fun and stimulation. As a gift, include a bird identification guide to make it a learning tool, too. What a nice little package for a loved one. It is made out of weather and rot-resistant cedar, thickness planned, edge routed and sanded. It is assembled with zinc-coated, rust-resistant wood screws, and has enough head room and leg room to accommodate birds the size of cardinals and smaller. The food trough holds approximately 2-cups of seed. The roof overhang protects the food from the elements and three large 2½" diameter suction-cups are also made in the USA and hold tight. Overall dimensions: 13½ wide x 10¾ tall x 4½" deep.

A-Frame painted roof (not shown - red or green available - special order only - allow 10 days) $32.95

our most popular window mounted, transparent feeders...

Aspects window feederWindow Cafe` by Aspects.
Ideal for up close observation of behavior and feeding birds. Large roof overhangs removable seed tray keeping seed dry. Suction cup mounting. Constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate; lifetime guarantee. Holds .75 quart of your favorite seed. Item: Aspects #155.  $26.96

Aspects Window Cafe - easy to fill & clean
Birdscapes - window mount feederBirdscapes Window Mount Feeder
Clear plexi-material, attaches to window using 2 powerful suction cups. Drainage holes keep seed dry. 7½" wide x 7" tall x 5¼" deep. Made in the USA!  Item #348.  $10.95 

Tip: replace suction cups once-a-year - see right for info about replacements >

suction cupsOur best selling sizes & use:
3¼" dia. $1.79 (long stem - see right)
2½" dia.  79¢ ea. - large window feeders
1¼" dia.  59¢ ea. - small window feeders
7/8" dia.  49¢ ea. - small stained glass pieces

Each window mount feeder we sell comes with suction cups, but we do recommend you replace them every 6-12 months. When installed correctly suction cups will hold quite a bit of weight - some studies have shown one large 2½" suction cup to hold up to seven pounds.

(Minimum web/charge card order: $5 + shipping)

Suction Cup Mounting Tip:
to ensure your suctions cups stay put, replace them every 6 to 12 months. Soak new cups in hot water 5-minutes and dry, clean surface where suction cup will be placed. Rub the dish of the cup with your thumb for 10 to 20 seconds (to apply a thin coat of natural oil from skin on the suction cup). Press cup firmly to flat surface (mirror, windows, etc.) and carefully hang item.


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3¼" heavy duty suction cupGiant Suction Cup with Cylinder Head
by Adams - Replacement cup for window feeders: Holds up to 8 pounds, depending on style of feeder. 3¼" diameter; stem is 1-5/8", holds 25 pounds. $1.79

see diagram & specifications >


Mesh Screen Feeders & Socks

niger seeds - when viewed close-up - resemble miniture cucumbersNote: Niger seed ("Guizotia abyssinica"), also called thistle seed, appeals to the colorful songbirds who flock to it as if it were a magnet. It is a tiny oil-rich seed of a thistle-like plant, imported from Africa or India. Niger is not a crop that is grown domestically (US) in significant quantify - though many agri-businesses are testing and studying the potential for a domestic crop someday.

see also: Bird's Choice steel peanut feeders below and
at our "Tube feeder page"

Birds Choice Color Dome
Metal Feeders
by Birds Choice - Features a sturdy stainless steel seed-dispensing screen (ideal for offering black-oil sunflower seeds and/or safflower), all steel construction, and lifetime guarantee. Birds cling to outer screen or perch on the generously-sized feeding tray to pull seeds. Economical - seeds are pulled from the feeder one-at-a-time eliminating the birds’ ability to “bill-sweep” seed all over the ground. Easy to clean!

Color Dome #XMS7005-quart "Magnet Mesh" Sleek Style
Feeder Holds a generous 5 quarts of seed, nearly 6 pounds! 15" diameter x 10-5/8" tall (with hanging cable, 26"). All-steel construction. Made in the USA. green #XMS700 $38.95
Color Dome #SAF-03-quart Safflower Feeder
Here's a feeder designed specifically for dispensing safflower seed. Stainless steel screen, all-steel construction, polyester-powder coated green top and bottom, center seed diverter, drainage holes in base, easy to fill and clean, lifetime guarantee from manufacturer. 10" diameter x 12" tall (with hanging cable, 22"),   model #SAF (available only in green).  Made in USA. $39.95
Color Dome model #xCD72-05-quart "Magnet Mesh" standard
Metal Feeder Holds a generous 5 quarts of seed, nearly 6 pounds!  All-steel construction, center seed diverter, drainage holes in base, manufacturer's lifetime guarantee, made in the USA. Coated steel hanging cable included. 12½" diameter x 12" tall (with hanging cable, 19½") $49.95 

Available in two colors, please specify when ordering:
   #XCD72 in Green
   #XCD82 in red

"safflower - mini""Magnet Mesh" Safflower Mini Feeder
Holds 1-¼ quarts of seed ideal for "bright white" safflower or NutraSaff.   Plastic-coated steel hanging cable.  Steel lid and base: forest green, power coat finish.  Color Dome - made in USA - lifetime guarantee from manufacturer:   Backyard Nature Products - a Birds Choice company. 10" diameter x 11½" tall (with hanging cable x 22"). Model  #XSAFMINI.    $32.95
Color Dome model #SD700a-0 for "thistle" seed3-Quart Niger/Thistle Feeder
This durable feeder will hold 3 quarts of Niger seed or a special finch mix with Niger and fine hulled sunflower chips. To feed lots of finches at one time, pick this feeder with its large capacity. Steel lid and base. 10" wide x 12" tall (with hanging cable x 19½"). Model #SD700A available only in green.  Color Dome - a Birds Choice company - based in Wisconsin. $38.95

Optional Pole Adapter - item #FH1 fits standard 1" diameter tubular poles. $5.95    Need a pole?  We have 'em >> 

thistle sock white, small, Model #10014thistle sock: large, white model #10015Classic Woven Thistle/Niger Seed Sock
These socks are woven from heavy nylon material. They provide an economical method for you to offer thistle/niger seed to small birds. They attract house finch, American goldfinch, pine siskin, common redpoll, chickadee and others. Heavy-duty drawstring with retainer keeps bag closed when in use. May be machine washed when needed.

small, white, 4" x 11". Item #10015,   $7.95
large, white, 4" x 22".  Item #10014,   $8.95 

These products are proudly made in the USA

See also: tube-style Thistle feeders >



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nutty-feeders, feeders for squirrels & other squirrelly stuff
hand-crafted in the USA

GoodPlanet's Famous
Cedar Squirrel Feeding Station
Offer cob-corn on spike, fill the tray with seeds, nuts, or chunks of suet and watch the squirrels, chipmunks & birds flock to this large feeder made in the USA out of solid cedar. Overall dimensions: 16" tall, roof 11¼" wide x 9¼" deep. Tray 11" x 7½" x 2½". Perforated steel base on tray allows for drainage and is removable for occasional cleaning. Mounting screws provided - attach to a deck or tree or fence.  JJ Cardinal's also have the hardware to help you mount this feeder to a post or pole.


roof construction detailConstruction reminiscent of old-world post & beam building techniques.  Forty-two individual pieces were cut, shaped and assembled in the making of this feeder.  Even it's maker enjoys sitting back and admiring the craftsmanship.
peanuts! we sell 'em: whole, and shelled


Let us fill your new peanut feeder before we ship it to you. We sell tons of fresh, bulk peanuts every month. Available whole in-shell, and peanut splits (pieces, halves). Prices vary - please call for quote. Toll free 1-866-818-6295.


photo by Louann M. of Gr. Blanc

Whole Shelled Peanut FeederWhole Peanut Feeder Ring
by Songbird Essentials
Steel "spring" - black powder coat finish, 12" diameter, opens easily for refilling - ideal for offering whole peanuts in-the-shell - blue jays and woodpeckers will love it!  Self-hanging hook. $18.95
taupe colored "acorn-shaped" feeder by Birds' Choicebrown colored "acorn-shaped" feeder by Birds' ChoicePeanut Feeder
another fine Birds Choice product 
Made from 5/8" recycled plastic poly-lumber (wood tone color) - six milk jugs were used to make this cute, acorn-shaped feeder. Can also be used with black oil sunflower seeds. Stainless steel screws and wire mesh hold the seeds and nuts, 15" vinyl coated steel hanging cable included. Swing lid/cover to fill. Dimensions: 6" L x 4" W x 7" H. Attracts Gold Finches, Chickadees, Grosbeaks, Jays, Nuthatches, Juncos, Cardinals, Pine Siskins, Titmice and Woodpeckers if the species are native to the area. Model #acorn. Available in 2 colors: taupe (left) or brown (right). $31.95
Aspects "peanut mesh" feeder #432Aspects peanut mesh - spruceAspects Quick-Clean Peanut Mesh Feeder
Aspects' Quick-Clean Peanut Mesh Feeder is for acrobatic birds such as woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and finches which can cling to perchless feeders. When filled with shelled peanuts, mixed nuts, or sunflower kernels, the Aspects' Spruce Quick Clean Peanut Mesh Feeder is irresistible to the most entertaining group of birds.
   Size:  3.40" x 14.60"
   · Aspects #440, Spruce
   · Aspects #432, Berry
   both $44.95 

see also, Aspects "Nyjer Mesh" for thistle seed >


see the new "squirrel buster peanut+"

see also, the new Squirrel Buster Peanut+ >>

cedar squirrel feederSquirrel-in-a-jar
Entertaining and functional. Put some corn or squirrel feed in the jar and watch the 'em wiggle into jar from rear opening. Feeder made from solid cedar and a clear glass jar, the feeder can be mounted to a tree or pole. The back stands 15½" high, 7" wide, feeder extends 18", jar 10" x 5¾".  Made in USA by the nice folks at GoodPlanet. $69.95


2nd Nature-squirrel-in-bottleSecond Nature Squirrel-in-a-jar
by Birds Choice - entertaining and functional. Similar in function to cedar version (left), this feeder is made from solid recycled plastic  roughly 56 milk jugs were spared from clogging our landfills to make this feeder!  Includes a clear glass jar, the feeder can be mounted to a tree or pole. The back stands 15½" high, 7" wide, feeder extend 19", jar 10" x 5¾".   $86.95
squirrel love the Munching Box, and you'll enjoy watching them!Munching Box - Squirrel Feeder by GoodPlanet
Solid Cedar construction with clear plastic window. Mount box to tree, post, or deck. Full-width piano hinge makes opening the lid a snap; squirrels quickly learn the trick (lifting lid with their head). Fill with corn, nuts & other treats. Great fun watching squirrels & chipmunks discover this adorable feeder which they can call their own! Routed edges, screw construction. 9-5/8" tall x 7-1/8" wide x 12" deep. $32.95
solid front Munching Box - the Carolyn Seymour versionMunching Box - Solid Front style
(aka' the Carolyn Seymour version Squirrel Feeder by GoodPlanet) One of our very good customers suggested a design modification to the famous GoodPlanet™ Munching Box (left)..."add a solid front for durability," Seymour said, "and access for the birds." Presto. Made from solid cedar with full-width piano hinge. Routed edges, screw construction. Squirrels quickly learn the trick (lifting lid with their head). Fill with corn, nuts & other treats.  9-5/8" tall x 7-1/8" wide x 12" deep.  (Sold out - allow 7 days for fulfillment + time for shipping, if applicable.)

2nd Nature Munch Box by Birds Choice®Munch Box - Recycled Plastic
by Birds' Choice
Originally introduced as "Second Nature" brand - Birds' Choice® makes one mighty nice, durable squirrel feeder out of recycled plastic (like milk jugs). Green lid, taupe body, clear plexi-window. Made with full-width aluminum piano hinge (no rust). Routed edges, screw construction. Squirrels quickly learn the trick (lifting lid with their head). Fill with corn, nuts &/or other treats.  11½" tall x 7¼" wide x 12" long. $52.95 

Steel Squirrel Peanut Feeder   by Erva Tool Co. - Munch-box-style steel feeder, fill with whole peanuts, corn, or seed mixes. Powder-coat textured green finish resists rust.  7" tall x 7½" wide x 12" long. Easily mounts to tree or post (mounting bracket included). Item #SCF1: $46.99 

Can be pole mounted using Erva's #RNDTOP flange (purchased separately).

Johnny's Cob Corn - in memory of Johnny Evatt

Cob Corn
Locally grown by some really nice folks here in Grand Blanc, MI. Field-dried and carefully hand-picked, hand-shucked, and bagged. Perhaps the best looking corn available anywhere...so good you'll be tempted to reach for the butter-knife!
dozen ears - roughly 5 pounds: $3.95

meet the farmers »
enlarged view of corn »

minimum order: $10 (excluding shipping costs)
also available: whole corn and cracked corn - call for details and pricing.

Squngee - fun for squirrelsDeluxe Squngee
Put up Squngee® and watch squirrels as they bungee-jump for corn! Hang Squngee® 3-feet off the ground and watch squirrel acrobats bungee-jumping for corn on the cob. Includes chain and ties to secure to a tree, and complete instructions for year-round success. 2 large eye-screws attach dry cob corn (not included) to hanger.  Revised (lower) price: $14.95

booklet: "Enjoying Squirrels"

Quick Link
See our library for selections like this booklet:
"Enjoying Squirrels More (or Less)" »

ideal for offering cob corn to squirrels and birdsTable-n-Chair Squirrel Feeder - holds one cob corn or processed corn logs. Made in the USA out of inland red cedar. 10" x  8½"  x  5". Mounting screws included. $24.95

"squirrel feeder in use" 2013 by Leon Baker


<  Leon's buddy


made from recycled plasticTable & Chair Squirrel Feeder - Recycled Material
Feeder holds ear corn or processed corn logs. Made in the USA out of recycled plastic. 9½" x 5" x 8½", model #SE526 $42.95

versitile feederFlush Mounted Squirrel/Bird Feeder
Made in the USA out of recycled plastic. 10" x 10¾" x 6¾", model #SQF100.   Coated wire mesh is ideal to hold processed seed or suet cakes, whole peanuts and/or suet. $38.95

all steel construction - see enlarged views - click hereSquirrel Spinner
by Erva Tool, Chicago, IL
All steel construction - you'll drive the squirrels and other critters whacko with this spinning feeder - ideal for mounting on a post, deck, tree or any flat surface. Mounting screws included.  Besides offering cob-corn, this spinner can be used with pieces of fruit (think apple or orange halves). Blue jays and other birds will likely check it out too. 22" diameter, extends 13" from pivot base. Item #SQSP, $49.99
enlarged view: 1 | 2

more squirrelly stuff can be found at our gifts page  >>

see also:
· more Bird's Choice steel peanut feeders at our "Tube feeder page" >
· Feeder kits...listed on our Kids page >

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Creative, elegant & simple

Heartwood™    Architecture for the Birds
Quality derived from functional design, quality material, and experienced craftsmanship. Most Heartwood products are made from naturally rot-resistant cypress right here in the US of A. See also Heartwood bird houses (on our "houses" page >).


Carousel Café by Heartwood™ 
Made of indestructible cellular PVC construction featuring with sturdy solid verdigris copper roof. Fits over a standard 4 x 4 post. #219B 18”W x 36”H x 18”D. $449.95


Wild Bird Bistro by Heartwood™ 
Roomy and stylish, with remarkably easy-care PVC construction and solid verdigris copper roof. Fits over a standard 4 x 4 post. Made in USA. Heartwood model #250A. 17” x 10½” x 10½”, $169.95

Southern Bird Gardens
Elegant Bird Houses and Feeders for Your Gardens

Hand-Crafted Made-in-the-USA Quality
Southern Bird Gardens'  unique Victorian bird feeders and houses are hand crafted in America from the finest of select woods, primed and sealed with four coats of the best outdoor enamel available. Woods chosen for use in each and every one of these top quality bird feeders and bird houses are of the finest moisture resistant varieties including swamp cypress for the main structure, thickly cut ¼ inch cedar shakes overhead surrounded by select mahogany for the luxurious perches.
Strength and Durability
To ensure strength and rust-free durability each bird feeder and bird house is secured with rust-free fasteners throughout. Stainless steel and solid brass fasteners are used extensively in the construction to ensure many years of carefree life. And many units sport copper roof borders attached with decorative solid copper rose-head boat nails; other models feature roofs entirely crafted of solid copper. This level of detail ensures quality and durability for years of maintenance free bird watching. Many people observe Southern Bird Gardens products are "Built Like a Tank!" The solid construction of these units begins with the 1-inch thick shell of Georgia swamp cypress and roof shingles made from 1/4 inch thick western red cedar ensuring for generations outdoor beauty and functionality.

Starlight CafeStarlight Cafe: a handsome large birdfeeder 
Make a statement with this solid cypress feeder with a painted octagon base with natural cypress roof with copper accents.  Feeder is 15 inches wide by 28 inches tall, and is sure to attract quite a crowd.  10 inch plant tray (included) holds your choice of seed and the high roof allows for unobstructed observation. Southern Bird Gardens item#STCAF.  $216.00

Starlight BistroStarlight Bistro: a delightful medium-size birdfeeder
This well-built birdfeeder is perfect for attracting all backyard birds.  Painted cypress hexagon base with natural cypress roof.  10 inches wide by 21½ inches tall. 7 inch plant tray (included) holds your choice of seed and the high roof allows for unobstructed observation. Mount atop a solid 4" x 4" post.  Southern Bird Gardens item#STBIS. $138.00

see also, Bill Kincaid's Southern Bird Gardens awesome bird houses >

dy-cute-chickadee-fdr.jpg (15122 bytes)The Cutest Chickadee Feeder

The perfect sized feeder for everyone's favorite small songbird! The name says it all. It's the cutest little chickadee feeder for any type of food. Manage the size of visiting birds with the height adjustable dome. Slide the O-ring flush against the dome to keep rain from running down the rod.

4½" diameter dish holds 1 cup of sunflower seed, mixed seed, fruit, or mealworms. The dome is dainty - just 6" in diameter. The height is adjustable to offer weather protection and bird selectivity.  Feeder dish unscrews for easy cleaning.  The hanger is a stainless steel rod.  Ideal size for small spaces and small budgets but big on value for bird watchers of all ages. UV-stabilized polycarbonate will ensure your feeder lasts for years. Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty against Squirrel Damage!  Item# DY-CUTE!  Just $17.99

hanging feederHanging Feeders
by Couronne Co., of France
Made of recycled glass and metal, these hanging feeders will attract many songbirds depending on your location and season, and they are sure to bring a nice touch of color to any garden. These larger flat hanging dishes are a great container to use as a mealworm, fruit or suet feeder, or can be used as a bird bath. The color glass is painted then baked on the bottom of the glass, strong enough to resist fading; this glass should be washed gently by hand with warm soapy water. 7¼" L x 7¼" W x 9¾" H.

also available in blue & green 

Beck's Chickadee FeederThe Chickadee from Beck's Bird Feeders
also attracts titmice, nuthatches & goldfinches. Molded high-impact polystyrene ring above seed ports foils large birds from feeding. Easy-to-fill, hang near window to bring songbirds up close. Great economy feeder - available in two colors: red or green.
[added benefit: lightweight & economical to ship]

Securing Replacement Parts:   The manufacturer is the entity who warranties feeders - for customer convenience we stock some common replacements parts for GoodPlanet, Aspects, Droll Yankees, & Arundale feeders. We also enjoy speedy replacement service from Backyard Nature Products, WoodLink and other makers of great bird feeding equipment.
J.J. Cardinal's reserves the right to apply a nominal service charge if customer wishes one of our employees to fix your feeder.  Repairs may take a day or two to complete depending on current staffing.

the Sky Cafe foils squirrels!

Sky Cafe by Arundale features a large overhanging roof protecting seed in the massive 1½ gallon chamber. Squirrels are deterred by steep sloped 17" diameter dome. Item# AR360 $68.95

Sky Cafe® Bird Feeder with Blue Dome also available (not pictured)

the Carousel by K-Feeder Co.Carousel Feeder
by K-Feeder
It is back!  The Carousel feeder features four independent seed compartments, UV-treated polycarbonate base, 16-inch clear acrylic baffle and easy screw-off cap with built-in hanging loop. Designed and constructed to last a lifetime. 16¾" L x 16¾" W x 13¾" H.  Made in the USA $99.95
so who is this guy, J.J. Cardinal? click here to find out...J.J.'s Seed Feeder Selection Tips
The type of feeder you select will determine the species and variety of birds you'll attract to your backyard habitat. Birds the size of a blue jay or larger have difficulty dining from perches found on most tube style feeders; so if you desire only small songbirds consider one of the many tube style feeders. Interested in attracting the entire spectrum? Adding a seed tray to the bottom of a tube feeder helps manage debris and provide perching surface for larger birds, who also enjoy hopper and platform style feeders. Still stumped? Our library is filled with great resources, or one of my articles on feeder placement.

more feeders:
tube style | hopper style | suet | nectar 
see also: hardware & accessories

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See our orders page for more information regarding shipping carriers and nominal shipping charges.

how to order.... Okay, admittedly we're "low-tech"...but what we do - we do well, swift, accurate and honest. Your order should be in transit in less than 24-hours, often same day.

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