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featuring the creative work of: Alicia Randazzo's Oreb-Lram, Roseworks,
Earth Dreams, Nettles Jewelry & Shari Dixon

Kit Cat Clock Earrings
Post or French wire - these earrings, complete with pivot tails that swing, are sure to spark the conversation.  Jeweler’s metal Kit-Cat charms, hypoallergenic gold backings, 1″ drop. 

1 pair of Kit-Cat Earrings $20.00

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Oreb-Lram Designs - Alicia...creating
Randazzo from the great state of Wisconsin.
Introducing....Oreb-Lram Designs.  Alicia Randazzo and Rachael Schultz have been making fine casual jewelry out of semi-precious metals and gemstones with impeccable quality since 1999. They live on the south shore of Lake Superior in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Each piece of their jewelry comes labeled with the metals and gemstones used; the earrings have large French wire hooks for comfort and include rubber ear-nuts for extra security. Their bracelets are 7½" - 8" in length, and necklaces are 18" in length. Affordably priced from $16.00 to $38.00. Stop in and see our selection.

roseworkmt-logo.jpg (6441 bytes) Roseworks MT is located in Montana. They make there items out of heavy gauge copper which is then hammered for texture, shaped and heat treated with a torch that creates a beautiful rainbow of colors. No two items are exactly alike. French wires are surgical steel with copper finish. Pins have sturdy pin and clasp closure.
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Roseworks pin grouping above includes: Hand with Heart #P115, Bear #P102, Raven #P121, Heart #P116, and Hummingbird #P118. Other styles in earrings and pins include: cat, dragonfly, flower, running horse, moose, star, angle and others. Please ask for availability and sizing when ordering.

Roseworks Michigan Mitt Pin - Show your state pride and love of Michigan with this solid copper hand crafted pin by John Rose. Ours exclusive, made in the USA, 1¼” x 1½”, sturdy pin back. $27.50

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Flower earrings 1" diameter; #E113 (sold out).      Aspen leaf pin 1¾" x 1½", #P129.      Aspen leaf earrings, 1-1/8" x 1-1/8", #E129.

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Earth Dreams - logo

Earth Dreams Jewelry by Jackie Magyar
Thoughtfully and skillfully handcrafted with mixed metals in tones and patterns that combined to reflect the natural world and to convey a message of harmony with nature and peace on Earth. Made in the USA.

Earth Dreams oak leaf earrings - 1½" drop inc.
French ear wire, #E3249.  $19 >

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Earth Dreams three pines earrings - 1" drop incl. French ear wire, #3063. $13

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Earth Dreams ladybug earrings - 1½" drop inc. French ear wire, #E3042. $19

Nettles Nature Jewelry
Soldered glass pendants & earrings with bits of found objects, vintage images, antique textiles, recycled glass, and original collage. Stained glass is used for the reverse side; it’s like purchasing two pairs for one price!Nettles nature jewelry - logo

Nettles bluebird earringsbluebird earrings with antique patina silver French wires, $37.95Clematis earrings

Clematis earrings, ¾" x 2" reversible, sterling French wire, $32.00 (sold out)


Nettles nature collection

Cardinal Earrings, 1" x 1½"   $38.00
Cardinal Pendant - reversable, 1"x 1¼"  $28.00 (sold out)

Honey Bee Earrings, ¾" x wide 2"  $38.00
Sweet Sparrow Earrings, ¾" x wide 2"  $38.00

...and yet more of the Nettles collection

Sweet Sparrow Pendant, 1"x 1¼"  $28.00
Dragonfly Frog Earrings with Beads, 1" x 2"  $39.00 (sold out)
Bird Song Nest Pendant, reversable, 1"x 1¼"   $28.00
Bluebird Pendant, 1"x 1¼"   $28.00 (sold out)

Nettles: insectsInsects - $26.00

oak-treeOak Tree
1½" x 1¼" mirror on back pendant with 18" antiqued brass chain.   $28.00
Likely this information & photo will introduce you to Shari Dixon, an artist from Tennessee. 
Dixon specializes in creating jewelry utilizing flowers, herbs and leaves resin-set on shell or bezel & combined with multitude of materials.
Priced from $50. Several styles and designs to choose from.
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