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self portrait - circa 1996


Low-tech by design 

our way of saying thank You!We have been offering a Faithful Feeder birdseed card since 1991. Way back then it was a novel idea. People enjoyed watching the little red cardinal stamp fill up their card as they made their seed purchase, and most still do. We are actually using a second generation stamp now, after the first one gave out in 1999. Someday we may donate our original stamp to the Grand Blanc Heritage Museum (just kidding!).

Increasingly however, people are loosing their Faithful Feeder card, forgetting their card, comments that border on grumbling about keeping a ton of cards in their wallet/purse, or they present 20 Faithful Feeder cards and ask us to figure out what free seed they may have coming to them (which we are more than happy to do).

An idea that started out as a thank you has become a big hassle for some customers. Many businesses have gone electronic and record spending data and the purchaser does not have a card to manage, but as you probably know, we try to maintain a “low tech” approach to just about everything. Personally and professionally we are frugal; we believe in simplicity and U.S. made products, and because of this we have been able to pass the saving right along to you. That is why even our day-to-day seed prices are usually lower than other comparable store’s sale prices.

You may now wonder where this is going, and why we have not gone high-tech. Just the entry-level cost of a new point-of-sale computer to keep track of information would be approximately $1,500.00. The cost of training our employees and purchasing the equipment to re-ticket all our merchandise to accept a scanner is, for us, completely mind boggling. Our low-tech register and pricing tools work just fine, and who would want to toss out perfectly-good equipment to gunk-up another landfill? We're also quite serious about preserving your privacy and security; by not capturing detailed customer purchasing data there is no information that could fall into hands of evil doers.

Even with some minor grumblings - somehow we have managed to stamp enough cards this year to have given away 14,392 pounds of birdseed!  We’ve decided to happily continue the free seed program because obviously many people enjoy having a Faithful Feeder card and we appreciate your continued business and loyalty to some of the best bird seed Mother Nature has to offer...so keep ‘em coming. And Happy New Year - now in our 19th year of business!

Louise Dawson
on behalf of the the Naturalists at J.J. Cardinal’s

"Happiness is wanting what you have."

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