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We're working to improve - the process never ends

testing-1-2-3When one of our customers is not happy, we're not happy. Particularly when our actions, or lack thereof, is the culprit.  A phone call yesterday generated renewed "action" - the customer had received a large box at her home in South Carolina containing fifty pounds of birdseed - in this case: NutraSaff, a popular variation of safflower seed that birds love. We sell tons of it literally, and much of it is shipped from coast-to-coast.

The trouble is two of the five ten-pound bags the customer had ordered had split open in transit.  So when the box was opened, NutraSaff was everywhere!  Whata' mess.

Bob and I practiced "banging up a box" today to see what enhancements were required in our packaging and shipping protocol to ensure our merchandise gets to our customers in perfect condition. Our track record overall has been stellar up until now. Okay, there was that flat disc squirrel baffle that got mangled by UPS's distribution center and arrived at customer's residence in the shape of a capital C. But that's about it...we ship several dozen packages every month with great success.  But we want to ensure bags of yummy, premium birdseed does not burst out of their bags. So we test, we brainstorm, test s'more, and we believe we've found out the the things we need to do to one-up the abusive UPS box-handlers. (Not that we're picking on UPS, it's just that the two problems like this that we've had, both were shipped via UPS.)

So now we are "double-bagging" birdseed, typically in 10 pound bags, and poking tiny air vent holes in the bags to cushion the bags during their rough journey. We even captured pictures of our tests (right). 1st Bob climbed a tall ladder in the store and, then (2nd) dropped the box from a height of more than 8-feet. Splat (3rd). Next, I opened the mangled box to see if the birdseed was still secure in the individual bags. Actually we tried several "drops" and each time we found no seed escaped.

More photos - examining the contents of the mangled box >>    Did I mention that calls to order NutraSaff and other great products are still "toll free"? (1-866-818-6295)

Louise Dawson
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