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Ingenious, nontoxic alternatives to poisonous chemicals
...and they may already be in your cupboard

Dear Friends:

book title: Slug Bread & Beheaded ThistlesEvery once in awhile a book catches your attention that is filled with uncommonly common-sense that you wonder how you could live without it. Literally. Such is the case with Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles by Ellen Sandbeck. We discovered the book a year ago and it's been one of our best sellers ever since.

book title: Eat More DirtAnd now a sequel is out: Eat More Dirt - Diverting and Instructive Tips for Growing and Tending an Organic Garden.

The book people, Common Ground, says Americans use approximately half a million tons of pesticide each year, but many studies suggest that this harms humans as much as unwanted insects. The household-cleaner industry is also booming, while The National Center for Health Statistics attributes the rise in respiratory cancers and diseases among homemakers to the use of toxic cleaning products. Restoring time-tested, human-friendly techniques for maintaining your home and garden, Slug Bread and Beheaded Thistles offers ingenious, nontoxic alternatives to the highly poisonous chemicals found in the average kitchen cupboard.

For example, try citrus as a solvent, or use sour skim milk to kill plant viruses. Rid yourself of lice with coconut oil. Baking soda, white vinegar, and coffee grounds all offer safe alternatives to potentially deadly cleansers.

Eat More Dirt extends the helpful insights to plants, gardens and outdoor spaces: cornmeal cuts down on cutworms, and wood ashes keep the slugs away. From peat moss to irksome pests and predators, Sandbeck explores the lively world of compost heaps (which can be used to naturally “vaccinate” your garden against disease), growing good soil, choosing plants well-adapted to your climate, weed warfare, planting protocols, and eco-friendly ways to quench your garden’s thirst. You may find Eat More Dirt to be an essential guide for a thriving, natural garden.

These delightful books are overflowing with simple, highly effective tips like these, along with invigorating illustrations and offers a refreshing way of living and thriving.

Keep it clean, folks. Your planet will thank you.
Louise Dawson

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