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What Kind of Feeders Does J.J. Cardinal Use?

Dear Friends:
J.J. CardinalWhat are J.J.'s favorite feeders? Well, if you must know, he's been too busy to ask. With all the "big box" shops opening throughout the area he's been busy promoting the virtues of independent businesses and lending a helping hand to shoppers who've been abused by lack of service, selection and far too many substandard, cheap quality imported products. "It's a big job," J.J. says, "but someone has to do it." (Not familiar with J.J.? Here's his story » )

So we'll have to go by our own experiences to address that question. My husband Mike & I have 8 - 10 assorted feeders around our home. Some are seasonal, many are new designs that we are testing. But of our current collection there are five feeders that we consider to be essential equipment. Best-of-class. Here's a quick rundown of those 5 and their primary attributes; each is made right here in a greater US of  A:

Droll Yankees PK - holds a lot of seed, durable, and so dang easy to clean (can be broken down in 5 minutes or less). After a dozen years of service, this feeder looks nearly brand new. Of course it's mounted on a pole with cylinder squirrel baffle.
Fly-Through by Backyard Nature Products - it's a "gossip center" for birds - the wide open design is attractive to all species of birds. Again, it's baffled and pole mounted to protect it from squirrels & raccoons.
Vari-crafts Bouncer - we've hung two of these side-by-side on a baffled pole (to balance weight) and the feeders are constantly busy with small perching birds up to the size of a Northern cardinal. Larger birds just do not bother any longer - and the feeder's design is squirrel proof.
Aspects medium thistle/niger feeder with tube topper, which really does help keep seed dry, on a baffled pole - we love the simple design, ease of cleaning, and good seed capacity.
Holland Hill's 3-tube hummingbird feeder - birds are really attracted to the free form shape, and the simple glass vial reservoir for nectar.

Louise Dawson


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