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Earth Day Celebration: a natural opportunity

Dear Friends:

adult ladybeetleWe are fortunate to receive invitations to participate in a variety of programs at schools throughout the county. Friday April 22nd ('05) I'm looking forward to seeing what the kids have cooked-up for their Earth Day Celebration at McGrath Elementary School, Grand Blanc.

Our contribution and theme for the celebration is: "protect the earth by being good to it". We can do this by using no chemicals in the garden to get rid of harmful insects--use ladybeetles and praying mantis instead. Pollinate with native pollinators like orchard mason bees instead of introducing alien species like European honeybees. Install bat houses to control mosquitoes, and try using “reel-type” lawn mowers instead of “gas-powered” lawn mowers. We will also introduce children to the wonders of rearing monarch butterflies, and a variety of giant silk moths.

Several of our presentation pieces are available by clicking the links below (if you wish to print them, each sheet is roughly 8" x 11"):

Blue Orchard Mason Bees
Ladybeetles are Good for Your Garden
Installing Bat Houses
Monarchs and Moths - page 1
Monarchs and Moths - page 2
Praying Mantis are Good for Your Garden, too

Louise Dawson

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