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J.J. Cardinal’s Sunflower Growing Contest

let's grow some awesome sunflowers!What a great way to get kids and adults out into the garden, thinking about growing things and how that happens! They’ll learn about soils, potting mediums, how and when to fertilize, sun positioning, watering requirements, and, of course, all about friendly competition.

We picked up the idea of having a sunflower growing contest a while back when we read about a similar contest in the Detroit Free Press. In this instance, those interested were given seeds and at the end of summer they brought in their harvest to see if they had the biggest sunflower head or if their plant was the tallest.

We’re gonna to do the same thing this spring and summer. If you would like to participate in the Sunflower Growing Contest, stop in any time after February 1st, to pick up a little packet of seeds.

Here are the rules of enjoyment:
   1) you must use the seeds we give you (special non hybrid variety);
   2) you can use whatever soil, fertilizer, growing medium you want;
   3) no one is allowed to tamper with anyone else’s plants, seeds, etc.;
   4) limit one entry per category.

The contest ends on Saturday, September 24th, when you will bring in one or two plants for measurement. We will have two winners: the largest diameter sunflower head, and the tallest plant. The winners and photos of their plants will be featured in our J.J. Cardinal’s Calendar (and on this website); plus, you’ll win bragging rights for a year and a 40 pound bag of…..you guessed it, sunflower seeds!

A few tips for growing huge sunflowers from the experts: · Sunflowers need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day · Choose well-drained soil · Prepare the soil by digging a circle (2 to 3 feet in circumference) to a depth of about 2 feet and work in soil enhancers (compost, or other organic amendment etc.). Work into soil a slow-release fertilizer into the soil.

Louise Dawson
on behalf of the the Naturalists at J.J. Cardinal’s
more info also on Facebook


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