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A Day Trip to Tawas Point
self portrait - circa 1996


Dear Friends:
A group of good friends dropped me a note online the other day and said: "It's an awesome time of the year for spotting migratory birds at Tawas Point! And tomorrow is supposed to be delightful (weather-wise)...would you care to join us?" It did sound appealing. After a quick peak at my calendar I said: "I'm game."  Next I had to conjure a scheme to sell the idea to my logical-thinking hubby so that I'd have a travel-mate. His Mother lives north of Tawas and he was planning a quick trip to help with a few chores, so without barely twisting an arm the plans all fell into place.

The weatherman cooperated - the following day was indeed perfect: sunny, moderate temperatures, slight breeze. We were up and at it early - off on another great birding adventure hoping to spot something special as well as see a few seasonal visitors.

Tawas Point mapFor those not familiar with the geography, Tawas Point is a sandy strip of land separating Lake Huron from Tawas Bay. It's ideal to spot birds migrating north, and often sports resident endangered piping plovers, as well as loons, horned grebes, coots, double-crested cormorants, blackbellied plovers and many other species.

The highlight of my trip was seeing a Harris's Sparrow that my birding buddy, Tom Weaver, found. It was my 328th life bird. Thanks Tom!

How do you get there? Tawas State Park Address: 686 Tawas Beach Road, East Tawas, MI 48730 (local phone 989-362-5041). Simple directions from southern Michigan: I-75 North to Standish, US-23 North to Tawas. Follow signs to State Park (landmark: Big Boy Restaurant at corner of US-23 and Tawas Beach Road). See Yahoo Maps for door-to-park detailed driving directions.

Not from Michigan and thus unfamiliar with the directions above - yet still curious? Well, Grand Blanc is 10 miles south of Flint, 60 miles north of Detroit (SE-Michigan). Tawas Point is approximately 125 miles north along the shore of Lake Huron...so it's about 2 hr. and 15 min. drive-time, one-way. 

If you're looking for a great "day trip" - this could be it.
      Louise Dawson

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