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Dear Friends:
So, your neighbor says there's no way to keep squirrels out of your feeder, huh? Perhaps they have not studied some of effective devices created by good old Yankee ingenuity. If your feeder positioning is well planned you should thwart the squirrels from your feeders. We've had quite a bit of success with several baffles from Erva Tool - the key to their effectiveness in foiling squirrels from ravishing your feeder is: placement. You need to allow the proper clearance from the ground, trees, fences, or decks to stop squirrels.

For example, if a feeder is pole-mounted, a "can-baffle" located immediately under the feeder is only effective if it's at least 4'-3" off the ground, and 10-12 feet away from other leaping points (trees, fences, decks, buildings). Large "disc baffles" should have a minimum of 4 feet of clearance.  

To help illustrate the point please review this dandy sketch:

proper clearance to maximize effectiveness of a 'baffle'

See? It simply requires matching the right equipment to your habitat. For more information about the baffles shown in the above illustration, visit our "accessories page". Give us a call if you have any questions.
      Louise Dawson

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