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self portrait - circa 1996


Chasing Our Tail (a true tale)

Dear Friends:
chasing-your-tailPerhaps you can suggest a new approach. Frankly, I get mystified at times. Caller says "we have birds slamming into our windows throughout the day. We recently bought a new bird feeder at Lowe's - wait...now the birds are dive bombing my car parked in our driveway. Help!"

Naturally I paused before answering - I was hoping her own words might reverberate in her head a bit. Then I proceeded to tell her briefly about several possible reasons for the behavior and solutions that we had to offer. When the caller said that none of the ideas sounded appealing I felt like imitating Jed Bartlett, legendary leader of intelligent governance on TV's West Wing: "next!".

Instead I muttered something about our store hours and suggested to the caller that she stop by when time allowed. She said that she was too busy - which lead me to wonder more about why exactly she was calling.

"Perhaps the birding specialists at Lowe's have a more acceptable solution for you," I said.

Stop "window strikes" - several suggested solutions: http://www.jjcardinal.com/products.htm#feather-guard

Louise Dawson


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