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self portrait - circa 1996


Little things mean a lot

original drawing by Louise Dawson: Droll-Yankee feeders Dear Friends:

A long-time customer recently confided in me that the reason I had not seen her as regularly as in the past was because her husband was purchasing their birdseed somewhere else. I said to her, “what if all our J.J. Cardinal customers went somewhere else to purchase their seed?”

To soften my comment a bit, I said something about convenience. Then I asked her directly, “is it more convenient?”

“No” she said, “he has to drive thirty minutes one way”.

I asked her if the birdseed was the same high quality as ours, to which she replied with a frown, that it was not, and went on to add that because of the reduced quality they were seeing fewer birds, filling their feeders less, she and her husband were enjoying the hobby of watching birds less, and that today she was in to see us to get a “real” bird experience, and to talk to people who get as excited about feeding and seeing birds as she does.

She went on to tell me that the sales clerk at the other store couldn’t care less about the baby hummers she saw at her hummingbird feeder last week; she knew we would all enjoy hearing about it, and was glad to see us.

The significant part in this short story is-those little seed purchases you make elsewhere, no matter how small, really matter to us, and in the end will matter to you, too.

Louise Dawson

note from web-guy:
sketch above right was drawn by Louise in the early 90's -
a copy of a vintage Droll Yankee feeder ad

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