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Winterizing Nest Boxes

As the temperatures fall and the nesting season comes to a close many people remove nest boxes and bring them inside for the winter. We suggest you leave them in place and “winterize” them for the birds, and in doing so, you will provide birds a cozy and safe space when they really need it.

How to Winterize a Nest Box...

1) First, clean out the box by removing old nesting debris.
2) If the design allows, flip the front door so the entrance is at the bottom.
3) Place a twig or two in the box that reaches from the top to the bottom of the box. The sticks will give the birds a place to grab onto while roosting.
4) Seal off the upper ventilation with cotton batting.
5) If you are unable to flip the front of the nest box, put 2" of hardwood chips or clean dried grasses in the bottom of the box, insert sticks, close vents as mentioned above and you're good to go.

If you would rather not alter your nest boxes or do not have nest boxes, we have boxes designed just for winter roosting that offer birds a cozy spot to weather any storm. For those who enjoy making things with your hands, give us a call - 810-695-8733 - we frequently offer classes in which we assemble and decorate roosting boxes at the shop.

See more info about GoodPlanet roosting boxes shown at right: http://www.jjcardinal.com/houses.htm#roosting-box

Louise Dawson
on behalf of the the Naturalists at J.J. Cardinals



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