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The freshest birdseed in town

Tom from Van Den Bosch delivers milestone loadWe've reached another milestone....another measurement to acknowledge.  Another step along the path of relative success.  We consider it an affirmation of our little shop, that we've sold 4 million pounds of birdseed. That's 4,000,000.  Since the opening our little shop in 1991 we've always focused on quality goods.  Unlike most big box stores which dwell on price, price, price (and not service) we have taken a totally different path.  Some of our guests don't quite get it - frankly neither did some of our employees.  But our mission has always been pretty simple:  provide the best quality goods and services available at fair prices...with an emphasis on domestically produced merchandise.  Stuff that's made here in the US of A  by American workers who make everything possible in this great country through their innovation, sweat, toil, creativity and taxes paid. 

Looking for cheap, extruded crud?  Chances are slim you'll find it at JJ Cardinal's.  But will you find a little shop filled-to-the-brim with well-made, neat merchandise to help those who seek to be more in tune with nature.  And that includes something as simple as birdseed.  But we only sell the good stuff.   Nope, you're not going to find filler seeds in our mixes.  Everything we sell is the very best Mother Nature has to offer.  And to have it available when you need it  we've worked with several wonderful vendors over the years - all based right here in the Midwest.  Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.  (See: "Linford's Moving On" >>)    Our current relationship with Van Den Bosch of Holland, MI is one of the best we've ever had.   Pictured to the right is Tom....a friendly, hard-working guy who delivered our 4 millionth pound of birdseed this past week.

We anticipated the milestone was approaching and had a little contest in the store to see who could guess when we'd reach it.  We had several people who guessed dates throughout the months of September to December...but one neat lady from Fenton nailed it: October 31st, 1 p.m.  Trick or treat, Sherry B. of Fenton!

So permit me to have my own "Sally Field moment" - I'm grateful and thrilled.

Louise Dawson
on behalf of the the Naturalists at J.J. Cardinals
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