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Staycations: shifting our focus inward

Dear Friends:
when's your next "staycation"? how 'bout now?It may seem odd to be writing about trends in reduced travel on the eve of Michigan's deer hunting season (firearm variety). Purely coincidental. We just got our fall/winter newsletter printed (and posted online) and have been busy training a new employee to replace another who recently left in pursuit of his dreams and aspirations (hello Virginia, g'bye Bob). Anyway, it's been a busy few months...this summer as gasoline spiked to $4+ per gallon I meant to post this article about "staycations" the name some observers were giving to people who were foregoing unnecessary travel - opting to stay close to home even when "taking a vacation".  Another new word?  Yep, even Wikipedia has a listing for "staycations" and it seems timely.  Save fuel, save cash, enjoy simple pleasures close to home. Still craving that outdoor experience? Pitch a tent in the back yard.

And now with folks facing realities of the current economic melt-down, perhaps there are more reasons than ever to stay close to home. Businesses struggling, jobs vanishing or moving to foreign lands. It's more critical today than ever before for consumers to pay attention to their personal shopping habits and do a bit of self-examination...is the quest for buying the cheapest goods & products available part of the cause of this mess we're in? Perhaps. That's why we're so proud of the shear volume of domestically produced products we carry in our humble little shoppe. Sure, we do sell an item or two made in some distant land by some entity who does not likely employ your neighbor or pay taxes to help support your local schools. Because of those things, we try very hard every day to find great products made right here in the greater US of  A. 

So, when you take your next "staycation" consider the habitat around you - perhaps we can help you enjoy it just a little bit more with field guides (birds, trees, rocks, etc.), garden accents, bird feeding equipment, projects and kits for kids of all ages, and so much more.  Happy trails!

Louise Dawson  

PS:   we found several interesting articles online concerning "staycations" including one funny, creative blog by a cheerful Canadian named Vince.


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