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bird bath with heater it's fun getting nice pictures like these from our customers! thistle seed and fruit are offerred from feeders hanging from hooks mounted on the post
The 4 x 4 post supports a large Wood Country hopper feeder with two additional feeders on each side hanging from decorative hooks. Combined with a handsome water source and lovely landscaping, it is an ideal habitat to attract a variety of species. "... thank you so much for your time and patience in helping us set up our bird feeding station. It is in a perfect setting and is esthetically pleasing; the morning sun shines beautifully on it. We enjoy our morning coffee in the comfort of our sunroom and watch the birds -- it is wonderful. We have attracted a lot of different kinds of birds which has been fun...checking them all out against our bird book. We really like our cast iron bird bath and heater. It is easy for us to fill and the birds are enjoying it immensely  -- your store is great!   Bill & Nancy
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and then there were 10 (the gang of wild turkeys
at High Point continues to grow)  Nov. 11, 2003
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