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Baltimore oriole attracted to orange halves brilliant baltimore oriole unusual sighting from Clio
Baltimore oriole spots cut oranges hanging in tree
[Michigan, May '04]
"Pam and I just wanted drop you a quick email to say thanks. We purchased the Oriole feeder this morning. Within 15 minutes they were using the feeder.
Thanks again, Ralph A."
[May '04]
a "light phase" female northern cardinal
from C. Warren's Mother in Clio (MI).
[May '04]
birding paradise Carolina wren
Local birding enthusiast, Marty Jones, was kind enough to bring us photos;
pictured above are a few of the 34 feeders found in this backyard.
Colleen, of Oakland County, had a Carolina wren overwinter with her in her garage. He felt right at home living in between her bat box and hummingbird feeder. She fed the bird suet and mealworms. [2003-2004]
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