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Eastern bluebirds enjoying their new feeder. Theresa's new backyard bird feeding station
Mary Jo’s new bluebird feeder was instantly a hit! The bluebirds found the feeder within hours of placement. Now Mary Jo and her Mother enjoy breakfast while watching bluebirds outside their breakfast nook window.
[Autumn 2004]
It's always fun to see the setting and appearance of feeders in the backyards of our customers, so we're thrilled receiving the following email with pictures! from a local nature enthusiast: "Louise: Here are some of the pics of my bird feeders that you wanted ...unfortunately, the birds are still a little camera shy so it may take awhile before I can get you some pics with them in the shot!" Theresa K. Grand Blanc.
blue jay pecks at a whole peanut in feeder attractive feeders & they're squirrel resistant
Woodpeckers and blue jays love whole peanuts. In fact, some observers say the lucky jay selects choice nuts based on weight.
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Theresa selected several attractive tube feeders featuring weight sensitive seed trays to deter squirrels and larger aggressive birds. As you can see, the critters are challenged by the spring loaded feature, while feather-light songbirds dine in peace. [June 2004]
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