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Mama tends to eggs.... ...Mama shows off her baby mourning doves to landlord (Peggy). Dad tends to nest, giving Mom a break.
above left: Mourning dove tends to nest located on Peggy C.'s porch in Grand Blanc [May 17, 2007]; above middle: baby mourning doves have arrived! [May 21, 2007] above right: "Aaron and I are having so much fun watching 'our' family close up... I watched this morning as the dad came to take over the nest so the mom could take a break. Then the dad woke the babies up and they started to feed from the beak of the parent. Yep, I even got a picture of that. Never in a million years did I think Morning Doves would share the wonder of new life beginning right within my reach. All I can say is WOW!" 
album-451f.jpg (17420 bytes) from a kind person who visits the Wild Birds Country Store in Great Barrington, MA hummers love Holland Hill feeders
Louise in Grand Blanc captured Eastern Bluebirds enjoying meal worms out of Second Nature Fly Thru feeder [Feb. 7, 2007] A customer at Jody Soules' Wild Birds Country Store in Great Barrington, MA shared this image of Eastern Bluebirds enjoying hulled sunflower seeds. Goldfinches are perched above. [02.28.07] Mike from Gr. Blanc shares this picture of a hummingbird feasting from the Holland Hill 3-tube feeder - a most popular item at JJ's!
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