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Pheasant oriole at feeder image from Cathy H.
"Hi Louise, here are some of the pictures that I mentioned to you today….
I also included some pictures of our Pheasant friend who visits
and makes lots of noise. Regards
Fred W., Grand Blanc [May 22, 2008]

Images below from LouAnn McLaren of Grand Blanc:
(lower left) Female ruby-throated hummingbird  (Archilolochus colubris) dining at Holland Hill feeder
(lower right) American Kestrel, male on reed (Falco sparverius) males have bolder colors on back, and overall.

Oriole at feeder (note: grape jelly fills tray above nectar)...
"Just wanted to say thanks for shipping my Oriole Fest feeder so quickly. As you can see from this photo, it has worked like a charm. This is the first time I have ever had Baltimore Orioles in my backyard and I'm so thrilled! All the best." Cathy H., Belvidere, IL  [05.14.08]
Female ruby-throated hummingbird

American Kestrel

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