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it's a kit!

fountain Three-tier Cascade Kit

Set up a mini-pond like this display at JJ's store in just a few hours - recirculating pump with reuseable liner...edged with stone remnants. [2003]

Duane R. from Goodrich shared this snapshot of a fountain he built using a dish from J.J. Cardinal's. Tiles, shells conceal recirculating pump. [June '04] See what a person can do with our Three-tier Cascade pond kit and a little help from friends who were visiting her this summer. [August 2004]
daffodil orchard mason bee home tulips
George B. of Grand Blanc, made this nifty 40+ tube orchard mason bee condo (center) to accommodate his newly adopted starter set of bees. George has a variety of fruit trees that have not been producing much fruit, and when he heard we offered one of Mother Nature's best pollinators, the blue orchard mason bee, he thought he'd give 'em a try. George also shared two pictures from his flower garden (above left and right). [April 2006]
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