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things that don't easily fit into any single category

curious minds welcome!When we're young, things at eye-level typically attract our attention. But we find most adults are looking for more than just those things that smack us between the eyes. Especially shoppers using the internet. The most common question we hear: "Where is ___?"   Well, there are several ways to find what you seek. Products are grouped into several broad categories - see the menu bar above or check out Buddy Brand, our host at the "brand name index".

Several popular items which do not fall into those groups, such as Ogle's hand-crafted hiking sticks, BodyCool cooling neck wrap, binoculars, and more stuff too cool to categorize are shown below...

LuminAID's Bright Idea ...our most basic human needs: food, water, and shelter.  But when architecture graduate students Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, they considered the dangerous conditions at night in the tent cities and turned their attention to another critical need: Light.  Now everyone’s getting the bright idea: hikers in Yosemite, backpackers in Whistler, and emergency workers in Nepal alike use LuminAID to light their way.

PackLite Max USB - the next big thing in solar inflatable LED lights. The PackLite Max introduces a 4-level charge indicator and an innovative dual charging feature. In addition to the high-efficiency solar panels, the lantern can also be quickly charged through a new USB charge port (cord included). The adjustable strap allows you to easily hang the lantern on trees or in tents, and can even be used to daisy-chain multiple lights together. It is an ideal lantern for family and RV campers. LED: 150 lumens at "turbo" setting; recharges in 12-14 hrs of sunlight; 50-hour runtime at "low" setting; waterproof/floats; holds charge up to 2-years; Lithium-Polymer Ion battery. PVC-free. Dimensions: 6" W x 6" L X 1" H (flat) / 6" x 6" x 6" (inflated). 1-year manufacturer's warranty. $29.99 each

PackLite Spectra - The colorful solar powered LED Lantern is an instant family-favorite!  Its features include 9 light modes including 7 solid colors, white, and a rainbow fade. The lantern inflates - think: beach ball.  It's also lightweight & compact: 5 oz, 4¾” wide x 4¾” high. A fully charged lantern shines for 8-12 hours;  it takes 10 hours of sunlight to charge and requires no additional batteries. The PackLite Spectra brightens up any poolside party and makes a great accessory for outdoor concerts and festivals. Lithium-Polymer Ion battery, PVC-free, 1-year manufacturer's warranty. $19.99 each

simulated color array created by the PackLite Spectra solar powered lanterns

Give Light Projects
1.6 billion people around the world lack proper access to electricity. Many of these people are forced to rely upon dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lanterns as their primary source of light.  LuminAID's Give Light, Get Light program partners with NGOs and non-profits all over the world to distribute LuminAID lanterns to individuals who will greatly benefit from a safe, rechargeable light source. More than 25,000 lights have been distributed already! LuminAID seeks to make light more accessible and sustainable for all. You can help further by purchasing a light for yourself and sponsoring one with a Give Light, Get Light  package today!  Here's how:

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Louise knows these solar lanterns will be a hit this summer!

Hot or cold

BodyCool neck wrapThe BodyCool neck wrap is made of polyester and cotton and is filled with poly-crystals. By simply placing the neck wrap in clean water for approximately 30 minutes allowing the crystals to expand, produces an evaporative cooling system for the user when placed around the neck.

The BodyCool cooling neck wrap lowers the body temperature by cooling the carotid arteries in the neck. The material may become warm against the skin but by simply rotating the wrap, the cooling effect is rejuvenated immediately!    $12.95

See our current colors and designs.

refreshing BodyCool neck wrapHot or Cold - simple instructions:
For marvelous cooling, activate your neck wrap by soaking it in clean water...after 15 minutes crystals will begin to absorb the water and feel like a gel. Smooth out the gels and gently squish the neck wrap. Continue to soak for another 15 minutes (total of 30 minutes). Hold your BodyCool neck wrap at one end and gently squeeze out the excess water and place around your neck. Shortly, the neck wrap will no longer feel wet, but the cooling will continue for days.

BodyCool neck wrap can also be used as an icepack - after soaking as described above, place in freezer for 30 minutes! To use as a hotpack activate (soak 15 min in clear cool water), then microwave for up to 30 seconds (or soak in hot water for 15 minutes). Test first to make sure the neck wrap is not too hot.

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stop window strikes!

Window Alert™ logoWindowAlertTM is a static-cling decal that may be applied to home and office windows.  The decal contains a component which brilliantly reflects ultraviolet sunlight. This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but glows like a stoplight for birds. Maple Leaf Decals 4 static-cling maple leaf decals per envelope $8.95 

Made in the USA! WindowAlert™ may be a small Oregon company
- but is very mighty in helping you stop window strikes

Window Alert™ - an example

window-alert-hawk.jpg (8287 bytes)Window AlertTM Hawk Silhouette
WindowAlert is a decal that may be applied to home and office windows. The static-cling decal contains a component which brilliantly reflects ultraviolet sunlight. This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but glows like a stoplight for birds. Made in the USA!
Two pack $8.95

How it works: Birds enjoy sharper vision than humans. Birds can see certain light frequencies--including ultraviolet--that humans cannot see. In fact, many songbirds have feathers that reflect ultraviolet light. This light is used to communicate species, gender, and perhaps even social standing. Birds can see this ultraviolet light under normal, daylight conditions. Humans require the assistance of a black light.

Window Alert - sprayStop Bird Attack - is a temporary spray coating that eliminates the reflections birds see in the window. It calms birds and stops them from seeing their reflection so they stop attacking the window. 9 oz. spray.  $13.50

Window Alert - liquidUV Liquid - Alerts birds to the presence of glass by reflecting ultraviolet sunlight. Easy to apply (use bingo marker to make dots on the glass). Dries to nearly clear. Now consumers can protect their entire window against bird strikes. For best results, apply with Window Alert UV Decals (shown above). 1.69 fl oz.  $19.95

Scare tapeScare Tape
Reflective Scarecrow Ribbon Holographic image creates moving reflection which frightens and deters birds. Three-quarters of an inch wide (.75") x 100 feet.

bird tape - stop window strikesBird Tape
Birds cannot see glass, and as a result, hundreds of millions die each year in collisions with windows, many on homes like yours. Now there is a simple, practical, affordable solution: ABC Bird Tape. It is a self-adhesive tape designed and tested by bird experts at American Bird Conservancy to alert birds to the presence of glass while allowing you to see out the window from inside. It is easy to apply, easy to remove, lasts up to four years, ¾" wide, seventy-five feet long. $13.50

2-Way Mirror Film


Two-way Mirror Film - You see the birds up close, but they cannot see you! Film clings to your window with removable glue spots. 20” x 10”, made in the USA.  (left) $13.95
Bird-b-Gone - hawk





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rotating headBird-B-Gone Hawk Decoy
15" tall - this hawk decoy can be an effective tool to repel pests because hawks are natural predators that usually hunt during the day, unlike owls, who usually hunt at night. Mount to any flat surface by filling with sand or hung by using the eyelet on the head. Move decoy periodically to increase effectiveness and use along with other deterrent methods.  $18.95

Rotating Head Horned-Owl - this 18" tall owl features a rotating-head that bobs and turns. Use to keep your Feathered Friends out of undesired areas such as balconies, car ports and stoops; provides maximum garden protection. $36.95

Bird-X Prowler Owl

Bird-X Prowler Owl
Scare Away Pest Birds – The Most Effective Scare Device Ever!
When stationary owls do not work, this one does! The Bird-X Prowler Owl is a feared aerial predator that will deter birds from landing, roosting and destroying valuable land and property. It has a huge 4-ft wingspan, dynamic airfoil design with flexible wings that flap in the wind, life-life plumage, and intimidating large glass eyes. Dimensions: wingspan 44”, 23” total head to tail, 6” diameter head Made out of hard plastic resin and extra-durable waterproof non-woven fabric that is supported by flexible cables and riveted struts. All you will need a ½” diameter pole for mounting. $52.95
the original Audubon Birdcallthe original
Audubon Bird Call
- simple device ideal for attracting a variety of species. How does it work? Twist the birchwood roller on the zinc plug, and an audible "squeak" resonates. With reasonable care, and periodic re-application of rosin from the included capsule, the bird call will last a lifetime.

famous bird call: gift boxedStill just $10.95 gift boxed. Gift wrap optional - and no extra charge.   



from the Eddy family and the Audubon Birdcall

Roger Eddy created the bird call after seeing similar devices used in northern Italy. Eddy, man with pipe, is shown here with family and friends assembling the Audubon Bird Call by hand in his living room in 1951. Ever since then the Audubon Bird Call has been crafted by hand in New England and is now considered the standard bird call throughout the world. Roger died in 2003. Today Roger's grandchildren are proud to continue this remarkable family business.

loon tuneLoonTuneTM -   The LoonTune will spin to make a sound similar to the wail and tremolo sound of the Common Loon. Birch handles, nylon cord. Made in the USA.  $14.95

hear a sample of the sound
(click button on new screen that opens)


our bird call kit - see "kids & kits" page


see also:
JJ Cardinal's Bird Call Kit - shown on our Kids & Kits Page >>


  All Carson Binoculars are backed with a "No Fault, No Hassle Warranty".  In the even that your binoculars get damaged, regardless of cause, send them to Carson and they will repair or replace them for a total cost of $15.00, which includes all return shipping and handling fees. NO HIDDEN CHARGES! If your binoculars are found to have manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship, Carson will repair or replace your binoculars and return them FREE OF CHARGE.

Carson Falconer
 7 x 20mm Compact Binocular This Carson binocular has an extremely compact and lightweight design, 7-power magnification with a 20mm objective lens diameter that makes them very comfortable to use if you are an eyeglass wearer. They weigh only 9.2 oz. making them perfect for travel, camping, birding, hiking, sporting events, etc. The Falconer binoculars feature a centered focusing knob with twist down eyecups. These stylish and ergonomically designed binoculars feature: BAK-4 prisms Fully multi coated lenses Sharp and crystal clear images Close focus to 4.9 ft. Includes storage pouch, neck strap, protective eyecups, and a lens cloth. $109.95

  Mini Scout
7 x 18mm Compact Binoculars This 7-power x 18mm ultra-compact binocular is so portable you can bring it with you anywhere. It has a center focus knob with an independent right diopter adjustment for maximum focusing flexibility, and it is light weighing only 4.5 oz. You can fit in a pocket or purse; it is the perfect companion for sporting events, concerts and all outdoor activities. $42.95

Carson Tracker
8 x 21mm Compact Sport Binoculars The Tracker from Carson Optical is a compact 8 x 21mm Binocular; it has multi-coated lenses. It has a center focus knob with an independent right diopter to adjust maximum focusing flexibility for all types of vision. These Binoculars feature roll-down eyecups for eyeglass wearers. $36.95

related equipment & products:

Alpen binocularsAlpen Magnaview Waterproof Binocular Set
Offers great quality, value, and performance. Features: 10x Magnification 42mm objective lens (superior light gathering capability), waterproof/fogproof BAK4 high index glass (for a bright image), long eye relief (great for eyeglass wearers). Fully coated optics for a bright color-corrected image. Twist-up eyecups, rubber coating (for holding comfort and shock resistance). Includes neck strap and carrying case and Alpen lifetime warranty against manufacture defects! Designed in the USA. $144.95
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Cleaning products for bird feeders & birdbaths

CareFree helps keep it clean, naturally

bird bath protector from Song Bird EssentialsCare Free Birdbath Protector - from Song Bird Essentials - contains natural enzymes that safely break down organic contaminants. When used as directed there are no restrictions for birds or other wildlife. This product is Non-toxic, bacteria free, and biodegradable... making it environmentally friendly. Safe for stone, copper, plastic, cement birdbaths. 4 oz. $9.95

hummingbird feeder cleanerHummingbird and Oriole Feeder Cleaner by Care Free Enzymes - Uniquely formulated to clean glass, acrylic, plastic, and ceramics, and will treat the hard, dark water scum build up often seen inside hummingbird feeders. This cleaner will unclog dripper tubes while preventing scum and waterline rings. All-purpose, all-surface, grime and dirt remover comprised of a unique blend of natural enzymes that are 100% biodegradable. May be used indoors or outdoors; 16-ounces, $13.25

Birdbath Statuary Cleaner (not shown) $13.25

CareFree Fountain protectorFountain Protector - Designed for fountains 1-10 gallons. Use weekly. Add 1 capful per five gallons; 1/2 capful per 2-3 gallons; 1/4 capful per 1 gallon. For tabletop fountains only a couple of drops. 4oz $9.95 

Feeder FreshFeeder Fresh
Keep your wild bird feeder dry, healthy, and mold-free with Feeder Fresh bird-safe moisture trap and seed preservative. Fights rain, condensation, leaks, and humidity to keep your feed fresh. 9-ounce bottle, $9.95

seed & hull digesterSeed and Hull Digester - by Care Free Enzymes
Protects birds from unwanted parasites and e-coli bacteria. Birdfeeders: Grounds beneath feeders are highly contaminated from bird droppings, organic contaminants, parasites and e-coli bacteria from molded birdseed. A simple spray will remove these harmful contaminants. Birdseed, hulls and other organic materials are quickly decomposed by the natural enzymes, digesting them down into basic components that are easily absorbed into the environment. Attach bottle to a water hose, turn it on and spray for 20-30 seconds under your feeders. Care Free suggests re-applying Seed & Hull Digester every two weeks. 32 oz.  $12.95

Pantry Pest Trap

Pantry Pest Trap<TM by Safer
Attracts male grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths. One trap covers 1,000 sq. ft. for approximately 3-months. Contains a patented controlled time release pheromone lure. Pesticide-free, non-toxic.
2-pack. $10.95

...tiny brushes...Brushes - The Perfect Little Brush (aka: PLB) perfect for tiny spaces, 3½” long. $1.50
Test tube brush by Holland Hill, 9” long. $6.25



24in-brush-wildlife-acc.jpg (9910 bytes)

Long Feeder Cleaner Brush - Made in USA by Wildlife Accessories. 24" long: $5.95

additional cleaning brushes - see our Accessories & Hardware page >

how to order...click here for infoOkay, admittedly we're "low-tech"...but what we do - we do well, swift, accurate and honest. Your order should be in transit in less than 24-hours, often same day.

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