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Buddy Brand

Buddy's Big Brand-Name Index:

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quality goods by: found on the following J.J. Cardinal web page(s):
A Adams Mfg. feeders (suctions cups) & accessories (hooks)
"My friends call me Buddy" Allied Precision Heaters accessories & hardware  (bird bath heaters)
Alpen Magnaview Binoculars products
Arundale feeders  (Mandarin SkyCafe`)
Aspects quality bird feeders feeders ~ nectar ~ tube  (bird feeders)
Aspects window thermometers garden (thermometers)
Audubon Bird Call products
Avian Aquatics accessories & hardware (misters and drippers)
B Backyard Birdsong gifts (audio field guide)
Backyard Nature Products feeders ~ hopper ~ suet   (feeders)
Beck's feeders   (simple & economical plastic bird feeders)
Bryan Becker Clay Werks gifts
Best-1 nectar   (nectar mix)
Big Dipper accessories & hardware (seed scoop)
Bill Kincaid houses   and     feeders
BirdBerry Jelly nectar (orioles love grape jelly)
Bird's Choice feeders ~ hopper ~ suet ~ tube feeders
Birdsaver products (stop window strikes)
Black Cat Pottery accessories & hardware (birdbaths)
Black, Ted books (author of our best selling "Birds of Michigan")
BodyCool Neck Wrap products
Bovano® of Cheshire gifts (enameled sculpture)
Box Calls - Wildlife Calls products (owl call)
Brome Direct tube feeders (Squirrel Buster II)
Buffalo Games - puzzles gifts
Bug Co. (The Bug Company) feeders (meal worms)
Build-a-nest houses  (nesting material)
Buddy Brand search (our host for this page - see above)
Burley Clay accessories (ceramic bird baths)
Burt's Bees burts-bees  (natural skin care products)
C California Clock Co. (Kit Cat Clock) gifts
CareFree Enzymes products (natural pond & bird bath cleaner)
Carruth Studios carruth (sculpture, bird feeders, thermometers)
Carson indoor chime stands garden
Carson Optics (binoculars) products
CatStop gifts  (essential guard for outdoor cats)
Channel Craft kids (vintage toys)
Cobane, Margaret gifts (ornaments)
Cobber - see BodyCool products (natural cooling wrap)
Cohen Tile gifts (blue tiles)
Conant Custom Brass garden  (thermometers, clocks, rain gauge)
Creative Crafthouse gifts (puzzles)
D Dan Gibson gifts  (Solitudes music CDs)
Dan Waltz, DW Publishing books (children's)
David Sibley books  (field guides)
Davis Hill Weather Sticks garden
Droll Yankees feeders ~ tube ~ seed scoop (accessories)
Dunne, Pete books (author of Golden Wings)
E Earth, Sun & Moon Trading Co. gifts (mugs, t-shirts, caps)
Ecological Labs, Inc. products (bird feeder cleaner)
Erva Tool Co. accessories  (quality metal crafters: poles, baffles, hardware)
Evans Lawn Ornaments, LLC garden (benches, step-stones) - accessories (birdbaths)
F Farm Innovators accessories & hardware (bird bath & pond de-icer)
Feeder Fresh products
Flint Bookmarks (Julie, Ron) gifts (cool hardwood inlaid bookmarks)
Folkmanis kids (puppets)
Frostic, Gwen gifts (prints)
G golden safflower (organic safflower) seed...see NutraSaff (below)
GoodPlanet feeders ~ houses ~ kids ~ nectar
Griggs, Jack books  (author)
Gwen Frostic (artist) gifts
H Harper, Charley gifts: tiles  -  gifts: greeting cards 
Harrisville Designs kids (yarns & weaving equipment)
Haw Creek Forge garden (art)
Heartwood houses  (bird houses)
Heartwood Creations gifts ("secret boxes")
Heath™ Manufacturing none - go to some Big Box store
Holland Hill nectar  hummingbird feeders and  oriole feeders
Humm-Bug nectar
I Insect Lore kids  (educational toys & projects)
J Jack Griggs books (author)
K Kit Cat Clock gifts
Kitras Art Glass gifts (decorative globes)
L Little Guys by Cindy Pacileo gifts (ornaments & tiny clay figures)
Log Jammers suet (suet cylinders)
LuminAID solar LED lanterns products
M Majesty Bells garden (tubular windchimes)
Maple Landmark Woodcraft kids (Toys)
Margaret & Russell Cobane gifts (ornaments)
Marjolein Bastin (artist) gift (mugs with Ms. Bastin's art)
Meadowbrooke Gourds houses
Meal Worms To Go feeders (bluebird feeders)
Michigan Mittens gift
Microbe-Lift products (bird feeder cleaner)
Milkhouse Candles gifts (soy wax candles)
Mitercraft gifts (bookmarks)
Motawi Tile gifts
Mr. Mad Bluebird gifts  (photos, sun catchers)
MudWorks - stoneware gifts (mugs), products (honey pots)
N Naked Bee personal care products
National Geographic books
Nature House houses (purple martin) ~ accessories (rain guards)
Nature Products nectar  (butterfly feeders)
Natures Best nectar  (hummingbird feeders)
Nettles Jewelry Jewelry
"No/No" Bird Feeder feeders (mesh-style)
North Country Wind Bells of Maine garden
NutraSaff seed (safflower)
O Olivia's LLC gifts (recycled wool slippers & headbands)
om! Peace, Love and Green Karma personal care products (natural soaps & personal care products)
Ontko, Janet gifts (welcome placques)
Oreb-Lram Designs jewelry
P Palace, Alice (author) books (children's series - Lk. Superior setting)
Pantry Pest Traps products (natural insect & moth control)
Par-A-Sol nectar (hummingbird feeders)
Peterson's Field Guides books  (field guides)
Pine Tree Farms suet (quality suet cakes)
Premier Kite garden (kites, spinners, wind ornaments)
Q (none @ present) do we lack "Q"?
R Renaissance Glass gifts (suncatchers)
RoseworksMT gifts (copper crafted ornaments) & jewelry
S S&K Products seed   (storage containers)
Safer Pantry Pest Traps products (natural insect & moth control)
Sams, Carl  II books - photography (fine art photos, book: Stranger In the Woods)
"Secret Boxes" by Heartwood gifts (wooden boxes)
Sibley, David books   (field guides)
Second Nature hopper - suet - feeders (recycled feeders)
Sky Cafe` feeders  (Mandarin feeder by Arundale)
Smith, Michael gifts  (photographer; Mr. Mad Bluebird collection)
Solmate Socks gifts (quirky socks made from recycled materials)
Songbird Essentials nectar (butterfly feeders and nectar)
Southern Bird Gardens houses   and     feeders
Squngee® feeders (simple squirrel feeder)
Squirrel Buster tube feeders (weight sensitive perches)
Stoick, Jean books - photography (fine art photos, book: Stranger In the Woods)
Stokes (Donald & Lillian) books   (field guides, bird behavior series)
Stokes Select Feeding System we don't carry this line - most of it is inferior, imported...IOHO.
Stormy Kromer gifts
Sunblossom Solar Chimes garden
T Tekiela, Stan books  (author "Birds of Michigan" and more)
Thermo Pond 3.0 accessories & hardware (heaters)
Tilesmile gifts
Toysmith kids (assorted toys)
Tree Free gifts (greeting cards)
Tweber kids (bug tents and observation chambers)
Tub Trugs (no longer available - see Tuff Totes below)
Tuff Totes garden (colorful, versatile utility buckets)
V Van Den Bosch, Company seed
W Water Wiggler accessories (with bird bath info)
Whitehall Products, LLC
    another fine company in the USA
cast aluminum:
tube (cylinder bird feeders), suet, garden (thermometers)
accessories & hardware (bird bath)
Wild Republic gifts  (Audubon singing bird toys)
Wildlife Accessories feeders
Window Alert products (stop window-strikes)
WoodCountry hopper ~ suet  (bird feeders)
Woodfield Press gift - from the desk of...
Z (none @ present)

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