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Log Jammer "suet logs" from Pine Tree Farms


Log Jammer Suet Logs
from Pine Tree Farms
- Peanut Butter Suet is a great source of energy for backyard birds - an excellent substitute for insects which many species of birds typically eat. Formulated for year-round feeding. Ingredients: Rendered Beef Suet, Chopped Peanuts, Peanut Butter.  Weight: 9.4 oz.  Each "log" is 1¼" dia. x 3½" long.  Made in the USA.  Fits GoodPlanet Suet Log and Peanut Butter Feeders shown right & below.
Peanut Butter Suet (3-pack)  $2.74
Also available: Hot Pepper Log Jammers - 3-pack $2.74

rugged suet feeder


Durable Suet Log Feeders
from GoodPlanet™ - solid cedar body crafted from 4 x 4 stock. That's lumber industry term...it's actually 3½" thick...go figure. Roof is also long-lasting solid cedar - naturally resists decay and insects; thick hardwood perches. Holes 1¼" diameter - ideal to fill with your favorite suet concoction (accommodates Log Jammer brand suet logs, left); easy to hang from attached screw-eye. Available in 3 fabulous, rock-your-world sizes:

"Solo" single hole design (left, front)  5¼" x 3½" $16.95 
"Stumpy" (middle) 2-hole design - 7½" tall x 3½" $20.95
"Big Foot" (left-rear) 4-hole design - 12" x 3½" $26.95 (sold out - allow 7-days for fulfillment)

action photo


Natural Suet Logs by GoodPlanet™
Simplicity personified.  Hardwood limbs - assorted sizes 8" to 18" long, roughly 2" to 2½" in diameter. Pack the flat-bottom pocket holes with suet or your own peanut butter concoction (like the recipe below).  Log Jammer Suet Logs shown above are ideal for these feeders.  Includes handy hook. 
Starting at $8.95 each. 

two sided suet cake feeder with tail prop


Wood Country - suet feeder
Single cake tail prop trailer. Solid cedar with heavy duty cable for easy hanging. 9" x 3" x 12½"

great weekend project: try a batch!

Need a hook? See JJ's Accessories & Hardware page >>
Homemade suet recipe? Peanut Butter Mix instructions, above, &/or See JJ's Info page >>

see also: Pine Tree Farms Tree Icing, below >>


suet feeder with long tailpropSecond Nature - Birds Choice single cake suet feeder Tail Prop Suet Feeders
by Second Nature - a Birds Choice company - with coated steel hanging cable; long tail prop is ideal for Pileated Woodpeckers. 
Double Suet Cake Feeder (far left) opening: 9" x 5" x 1½".  27" overall length (including cable) x 7" wide x 1½" thick. Item #SNPS.  $37.95 

Single Suet Cake Feeder (near left)
18" tall x 7" wide x 3" deep, item #SNTP.  $23.95

Second Nature logo - recycled feeders

made from...Second Nature products (left & below)
are made from recycled material like #2 milk jugs. The plastic (polyethylene) is ground and reformed, cut, routed, and reassembled into bird feeding equipment that is easy to clean, guaranteed not to split, crack or fade. The milk jug symbols below approximates the number of milk jugs used to manufacture the feeder.

Second Nature products are made in Wisconsin by Bird's Choice™.

Heavy duty hanging suet feederHeavy-duty Hanging Suet Feeder
Another swell recycled feeder by Second Nature - a Bird's Choice company based in Wisconsin. Plastic-coated steel hanging cable included. Top slides up easily for filling Wide overhang protects food inside. Bottom platform provides perching service for bluebirds and other perching birds. Holds large suet cakes up to 3 pounds, or several small suet cakes. May be used for offering cut fruit like oranges and apples, too. Made out of 20 recycled milk jugs in the USA. 8½" wide, 11¾" long , 8¾" tall.  Item #SNBLOCK. $36.95

see more Second Nature products >
Hopper Feeders, Oriole Feeders, and Bluebird Feeders

upside down suet feederUpside Down Suet Feeder
by Second Nature wire mesh holds suet cake in this hanging feeder made from recycled plastic.  Approx. 14 milk jugs recycled to make this feeder. Steel hanging cable included. 9" x 8" x 4".  Item #SNUD.  $28.95


Wood Country Upside-down Suet Feeder by Birds ChoiceUpside-down Suet Feeder
by Birds Choice
(Backyard Nature Products) - unstained, natural cedar. Measures: 8-5/8" x  4-½" x 8" item #WCUD.  $25.95

Double cake, cedar upside down feeder (not shown) #WCUDD.  $43.95

Erva steel suet cageSteel Suet Caged Feeder by Erva Tool®
Steel construction - double cage design...one outer wire "cage" surrounds the inner wire suet cage, capped top and bottom by Erva's famous steel discs (similar to the popular rain-n-shine guards). Scalloped design of top & bottom adds strength to the feeder. Rust resistant finish: powder coat textured copper finish.  Overall dimensions: 14" dia. x 18" tall.   Holds 2 standard-sized suet or seed cakes; outer cage allows all birds the size of Downy Woodpecker and smaller to feed. Larger birds & critters are restricted...no squirrels, no blackbirds, no starlings.  Steel hanger included. Erva item #SUET1C, made in the USA.  $61.99

enlarged views »  12

See also: Erva "Slip Fit" Pole Flange on our accessories & hardware page >

window-mount suet cageSuet Sucker!
Suet cake holder with window-mount suction cups - bring the birds close for observation and enjoyment! Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl coated steel, and industrial strength suction cups. Front opens for easy filling with standard size suet cakes. $7.95
Suet Stick from GoodPlanet™Suet Stick
by GoodPlanet™, holds two standard size suet cakes. Main body of feeder is constructed of 1½" x 16" nicely finished wood...routed and sanded. Attached are two easy-filling vinyl-coated steel suet cages, screw-eye hook, and self-hanging chain. Serrated tail-prop is long enough to accommodate all woodpeckers. Designed exclusively for J.J. Cardinal’s Wild Bird & Nature Store. $14.95

(suet cakes extra)

side viewErva Upside/down Suet Feeder >
Attractive, 10" square, wavy, coppery-finish plate above will keep suet cake/food protected from the elements and black bird free. Black birds are unable to cling upside down on this design freeing the feeder for the birds most desirable: chickadee, titmice, woodpeckers, creepers, etc. Holds a standard size suet cake. Model #SUET3S, made in the USA.  $19.99

top & bottom view of Erva's covered suet feeder
wire double suet cage by Droll YankeesSuet Cage
by Droll Yankees - hang 'em or attach 'em to the side of an existing wooden hopper feeder.   The heavy-duty plastic coated wire cage holds two standard size  5" square suet cakes. Includes 3 mounting or hanging options:
   · "C" clamp for pole mounting,
   · "bale-wire" loop hanger, and
   · link chain.
Double cake cage - 5¼" x 9¼" x 1¾" $15.50
versatility tip: suet cages can also be used anytime for offering whole peanuts and/or bird nesting material in the spring
Large suet/seed block cageSeed and Suet Block Holder
by Birds Choice  -  Ideal for offering large suet cakes and compressed seed cakes. (See Pinetree Farms Jumbo 3# Suet Cake below.) Poly-coated heavy-gauge steel construction, 8¾” x 7” x 3”. Self-hanging steel chain. Model #BLOCKCAGE  $7.50

import alert: while Backyard Nature Products/Birds Choice
is based in Wisconsin, this item has been, sadly, imported from China.

You Do It Suet
No more grease down the drain! How many of us have a tin can in the freezer we fill with cooking grease until we dispose of it when full? Why toss the grease when you could offer it to wildlife. Make your own homemade suet cakes with the You Do It Suet Cake Mold...a pliable, eco-friendly, food safe, dishwasher safe and perfect for anyone who cooks meat. Item #YDISUET.
You Do It Suet Starter Pack  $21.95
birdie bell: great for offering food (fruit, suet, etc.) or nesting materials!

Birdie Bell
An all-weather holder which should be filled with nesting material. Versatile enough for holding seed bells, chunks of suet and fruit. Steel cage, powder coat finish (dark forest green). 4½ inches in diameter x 6 inches tall.  We now stock the bell packed with feathers. $18.95 (temp out of stock)

Pagoda style-suet feeder by Whitehall - made in MichiganWhitehall Products
Sturdy, durable suet feeder with nuthatch design. Pagoda style roof protects suet from sun and rain. Lift roof off for easy access to clean and fill feeder - which opens like a clamshell. 10" x 9" x 6¾". Verdigris finish, cast aluminum (which means no rust, rugged, made to last). Small brass "S" hook included.  Made in the USA...Say Yes to Michigan!   $34.

see also Whitehall
bird feeders - thermometers
bird bath
longer hooks

whole peanut ring works with suet balls, too!

Whole Peanut Feeder Ring
by Songbird Essentials
We show our steel "spring" feeder with other gadgets to offer peanuts to squirrels and birds.....but they are also a swell design to offer round suet balls! (See product, right).  The Whole Peanut Ring has a black powder coat finish, 12" diameter, opens easily for refilling. Self-hanging hook. $16.95

Suet & Seed Ball Feeder
The ideal feeder to offer suet balls. The removable red roof allows for easy filling and cleaning. Sturdy wire frame construction with curved metal loop hanger.  Holds 6 standard suet balls (see below). Species of birds that frequently visit suet feeders are: Woodpeckers, Flickers, Finches, Titmice, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Buntings, Chickadees, Orioles, Sapsuckers, Wrens, Redpolls, Bluebirds, Pine Siskins, Thrushes, Jays, Warblers and many others! Suet Balls are a popular, nutritious and easy food to add to your backyard bird buffet. 7-7/8" diameter x 2-1/2" deep. Songbird Essentials model #SE908. $26.95
Suet  Balls - by Wildlife Science

Suet Balls by Wildlife Science

Made in the USA. 4-pack (one pound total weight). Available in two varieties:

· Peanut Butter blend, item #WSC404: $7.95 
Peanut butter with mealworms, item #WSC410, also $7.95

Ideal feeder for this product?  The "whole peanut feeder ring" & "Suet & Seed Ball Feeder" shown above.


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Pine Tree Farms suet - quality in 1984Pine Tree Farm's Wild Bird Suet is rendered beef kidney fat, refined to maintain a high melting point for year round feeding. Top quality seeds, grain, peanut butter and peanut, are used to attract a larger variety of wild birds. Fat content ranges from 30 to 40%. Most cakes are 12 oz. except where noted:
  • Peanut Butter Suet  $2.74
  • Blueberry $2.74
  • Insect  $4.22
  • Fruit, Berry & Nut $2.95
  • Raisin & Nut $2.98
  • Orange  $2.95 (orioles love it)
  • Hi-Energy $1.89
  • Year Round High Energy Suet $1.89
  • Hot Pepper Suet $3.26
  • Log Jammer Peanut Butter Suet (9.4 oz. 3-pack) $2.74
  • Log Jammer Hot Pepper Suet (9.4 oz. 3-pack) $2.74
  • Mealworm Banquet 7.5 oz. $3.85

Pine Tree Peanut Butter Suet Cake - 12 oz. - suet dough is sold in warmer summer months blueberry
insect Pine Tree Farms - orange suet dough
  Pine Tree Farms hot pepper suet cake
  Pine Tree Farms LePetit Woodpecker Cake

Pine Tree Farms - Log Jammers peanut butter suet

Hot Pepper Log Jammers

Jumbo 3-Pound
Peanut Butter Suet Cake

(right) 7" x 8" x 2"

(see "large suet block holder" above...
ideal for really big suet cakes like this!)

it's a beakful - a full 3-pounder Pinetree Farms "year round" suet cake

Pine Tree Farms Variety Packs
Handy twelve-pack, full size premium suet cakes.
Save over 20% by buying bulk. $19.95

That's less than $1.67 each!

#PTFVP6000 contains: Year Round, Hi-Energy and Woodpecker suet cakes, 9½ lbs.

suet variety pack #6000

Nutsie  by Pine Tree Farms
Each cake consists of the finest seeds and nuts to attract a variety of wild birds. Includes tree nuts sunflower hearts, pecans, dried fruit and gelatin. 100% edible with no waste. No Mess! Keeps feeding areas clean and does not attract unwanted pests to your feeding station. A premium seed bar for the wild bird enthusiast. Made right here in the USA. 
Nutsie le Petite Seed Cake: 10-oz. cake (far right) $3.85
Nutsie Classic Seed Log
, 2½ pounds (near right) $12.95 
Nutsie Six-pound seed log (not shown) $24.95

See more compressed seed cakes on our "seed" page >


Pine Tree Farms no-waste, hull-less seed log (more like a "stump"!)

Hot Pepper Nuggets
Keep squirrels away. Ready to feed wild bird food that is a favorite with suet, fruit and seed eating birds. May be offered alone, or mixed in with seed. Offer on a platform feeder or in a cage feeder designed for shelled peanuts. Ingredients: beef suet, roasted peanuts, red chili peppers, corn and oats. #CS617.

Cardinal Safflower Classic Seed Log
item #PTF8008, Made in USA, 6¾" tall x 3-7/8" diameter, 1.87 lb., fits seed cylinder holders shown below.

hot pepper suet nuggets

Seed Cylinder Holder
by Erva Tool
The ideal device for offering compressed seed cakes in your backyard habitat. Premium galvanized steel, powder coated seed cylinder feeder complete with 9½" protective top. Assembled height: 10" tall. Item # CYFHLDN. Made in USA.  $24.95

Made in America by Erva! Erva action photo!

Tree Icing
by Pine Tree Farms
Rendered beef suet and peanut butter. Includes wooden applicator for spreading. 1¾ lbs.    $10.95

(Consumer tip: "I use it with Log Jammer Suet Logs - Tree Icing is my "glue" to secure the logs in the feeder," says Mark R. of Grand Blanc)

Bluebird Munch
Our Bluebird Munch is back!  We've perfected the recipe, and make up fresh batches right here at the shop almost daily. Bluebirds love this concoction, as well as other songbirds.  Ingredients: dehydrated blueberries, beef suet, natural peanut butter, peanut and sunflower meat bits, hulled white-proso millet, and dehydrated mealworms. 8 oz. container, $7.95


pine-tree-tree-icing.jpg (21866 bytes) bluebird munch

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J.J.'s suet feeding tips...Suet is a high energy treat made from animal fat and other ingredients which appeal to insect eating birds. It serves as a great  energy source substitute when the insects they normally eat are not plentiful...especially during cold weather months. But most varieties of suet can be presented all year long. You'll attract brown creepers, warblers, nuthatch, as well as woodpeckers and other "tree clinging" species. You may find some species who normally do not dine at bird feeders such as robins, wren, bluebirds, and even warblers. You'll have the best success attracting a host of birds by selecting a brand made with quality ingredients, and high fat content (greater than 30%).

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