Ideal for general bird feeding - we stock hopper feeders made of wood, recycled plastic and steel. Typically, hopper feeders provide generous perching surfaces to accommodate a variety of species of birds. Shown here is a Birds Choice® large capacity hopper feeder, model ##SN400, featuring a perforated screen floor to allow drainage & keep the seed fresh for birds in your backyard habitat.
  Tube-style feeders provide an effective method to deliver seeds for birds...seeds are pulled from the seed ports, individually.  If the seed variety is shelled, you can see the bird manipulate the seed and open & dispose of the shell while consuming the meat of the seed. Feeders of this type come in a variety of sizes & we stock most all of the common accessories (trays, domes) and cleaning supplies (cleaners, brushes, and more).
  Many birds love suet (rendered beef fat) because of the energy it provides.  JJ Cardinal's offers a mind-numbing array of devices to offer suet...stand-alone feeders, as well as cages to attach to existing bird feeders.  We also stock a huge assortment of compressed seed cakes and gadgets to hold 'em.
  Nectar of the Gods...and several species of birds in addition to hummingbirds love to consume nectar.   These feeders are among the most decorative that we stock in our store...and like all of birding equipment most designs are proudly made in the USA.

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