J.J.'s Best Mix™ - For all types of feeders, “best” all around seed blend for the widest variety of birds.  99% clean premium Black-oil Sunflower, White-proso Millet, bright white Safflower, Select sunflower chips, Peanuts, Medium Cracked corn, Grit & Soy Oil. We sell tons of it every month...literally.


NutraSaff™ - also known as Organic Golden Safflower - is a variety of safflower developed without the thick white hull, yet offers 15% more oil content, 25% higher protein 30% higher fat content (energy) than traditional "bright white safflower". NutraSaff™ provides higher energy sources with less waste and less mess around feeding stations. However, unlike traditional bright white safflower seed, we have found red squirrels and black birds are somewhat attracted to NutraSaff™.

Safflower - Seeds like bright white safflower and thistle (niger, or "Guizotia abyssinica" seed) have advantages for some consumers battling critters at their feeders. Squirrels are not fond of either of these seeds. No baffles or additional equipment required.

"No-Mess" Mix™ - Select sunflower chips, peanut splits, and hulled white-proso millet. A mighty rich mix high in proteins and essentials fats. For most any feeder type with virtually "no mess" because the shells have been removed - the mix is 99.9% consumable! Sure, there are typically one or two rebel shells in the bag. Seeds which fall to ground that are not eaten by ground feeding birds and critters - uneaten seeds will not germinate

We also stock: a variety of other mixes and compressed seed cakes, suet cakes, premium black-oil sunflower seeds, hulled select sunflower chips - fine and coarse, thistle - niger, or "Guizotia abyssinica" seed, hulled millet, peanuts - whole & shelled, corn - cob, cracked, & whole. 

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