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Aspects - a backyard tradition!

Aspects has been our featured tube-style bird feeder for several years because of their consistent quality and innovative design. From top (heavy die cast metal) to bottom (seed diverter) you find quality. The weather resistant polycarbonate clear tube is virtually unbreakable. Whether you hang it or post-mount it, your new Aspects feeder will serve you and your birds well. Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage and now available in several attractive finishes: Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel, Spruce, and Cranberry. Please specify color choice when ordering.

Aspects Royal Blue Niger/Thistle feeder model #413 - click for enlarged viewAspects Niger/thistle feeder model #399 - click for enlarged view








more seed info »

Quick Clean
Removable Base Thistle (Niger) style feeders

Simply squeeze two buttons to release the base for easy cleaning.

squeeze buttons to release base - quick clean!Small: 11" tall, 1 qt. capacity, 6 feeding ports, unpainted, $36.95; painted, $37.95
Medium: 14" tall, 1¾ qt. capacity, 6 feeding ports, unpainted, $41.95; painted, $42.95
Large: 19" tall, 2 qt. capacity, 10 feeding ports, unpainted, $51.95; painted, $52.95

« click feeder for enlarged view
(Note: Aspects has discontinued blue color - but give us a call - we may have a few in-stock)

See also: Thistle Socks >

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Quick Clean
Removable Base Mixed Seed style feeders

Simply squeeze two buttons to release the base for easy cleaning.

Small: 11" tall, 1 qt. capacity, 2 feeding ports, unpainted, $36.95; painted, $37.95
Medium: shown - left 14" tall, 1½ qt. capacity, 4 feeding ports. unpainted, $41.95; painted, $42.95
Large: shown - left 19" tall, 2 qt. capacity, 6 feeding ports, unpainted $51.95; painted $52.95

« click feeder for enlarged view

(Note: Aspects has discontinued blue color - but give us a call - we may have a few in-stock)

aspects-qc-bt-group.jpg (23728 bytes)

Aspects Quick-Clean Big Tube

Aspect's Quick-Clean® design has been popular in their smaller feeders so we're quite thrilled to finally get this feature on the popular Big Tube feeder. Just press 2 buttons on the base and the bottom slips off for easy cleaning. No tools! Available in 2 colors: antique brass and evergreen. You'll fill this feeder less frequently because the Big Tube seed capacity is large: 3½ quarts. 18" tall, 6 feeding ports featuring the new "Cardinal Perch" design with "anti-bill-sweep" guard. Pole mount or hang. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty - made in the USA.
unpainted $79.95, painted $82.95

enlarged views: 1 | 2

We also have the new Big Foot 12" seed-catching tray that accommodates Aspects Quick-Clean® feeders. $19.95

action photo: Aspects nyjer mesh feederAspects Nyjer Mesh - thistle feeder #431 - "berry"Aspects Niger Mesh also available in "spruce"


Aspects Quick Clean Nyjer Mesh Feeder
Aspects Quick-Clean mesh-style feeders offer unlimited potential for attracting goldfinches, siskins, redpolls, purple and house finches. Finches cling to any open spot on the tube and a dozen birds might feed at once!  Size: 3.40" x 14.60"
Aspects #439 Spruce Aspects, or #431, Berry.
Your choice: $44.95 each.

Enlarged view of mesh and quick clean base >

See also "Peanut Mesh" with quick clean base >

See also: Thistle Socks >

Aspects tube feeder colors

see the Aspects Peanut Mesh feeder on our "specialty feeder page"


see also our specialty feeder page for larger mesh feeders, like Aspects Peanut Mesh ideal for offering shelled peanuts and sunflower seeds in the shell. >


Aspects accessories: tube top domes!Aspects Tube Top - offers protection against the elements and squirrels.
The proximity of the dome to the feeder allows the birds access but keeping critters away from seed ports. Simply place it over the bail wire and set it on the feeder's cap - no hardware needed! Designed to perfectly fit all Aspects tube feeders - often works with other major brands as well.
Aspects - super tube top II (#351)SUPER TUBE TOP II - Huge 18" diameter dome offers the ultimate in coverage against natures elements and squirrels too! The Super Tube Top II also fits all Aspects tube feeders 2¾" and 4" diameter! Perfect for the XLarge Big Tube feeder #081, above. (Replaces previous version of the Super Tube Top, item #332.) new item #351,  $39.95
Aspects tube top 12"Tube Top - 12" diameter. Keep rain and snow off your feeders, and your seed remains dry for the birds to enjoy! Fits Aspects large, medium and small tube feeders - regular seed ports, thistle feeders, peanut feeders, and the new Niger Mesh Feeder. Item #281, $19.95 (Extra Large 4" Big Tube requires Super Tube Top II, above right) Super DomeSuper Dome - 18" diameter clear UV stabilized polycarbonate dome with attached, adjustable steel hanger - protect feeders from weather and depending how low the feeder hangs below dome, may be effective solution to foil squirrels from ravishing the feeder. Item #182 (new, low-profile design).   $47.95

see our "accessoroes" page to see more baffles

see also: steel baffles which also protect against squirrels like the Erva model #SB-5 on our "accessories page" and the steel "rain guard" for hummingbird feeders  >>

weather guard: a dome for covering tube feedersWeather Guard by Birds Choice

Clear acrylic dome with brass hardware. Hang above any small feeder to protect against the rain or snow. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Made in the USA. 14" x 14" x 4". Item #WGCLEAR.  $30.95

Versa Perch by Droll YankeesThe Versa Perch by Droll Yankees® expands perching space to accommodate larger birds like cardinals. Unlike a seed tray (below) debris discarded by the birds drop through without accumulating. 8" diameter powder coated steel. Simple installation - no tools necessary! The threaded wing nut attaches perch right to the feeder. Bonus feature: wing nut hook to hang suet or another feeder beneath. $12.95
NOTE: The Versa Perch fits all Droll Yankees Feeders® except the Onyx Clever Clean© feeder line, and most Aspects® tube feeders except Big Tube©.

Want to mount your tube feeder on a pole instead of hanging it?

pole-adapterPole Adapter from Erva Tool. Attach Droll Yankee & Aspects tube style feeders quickly to 1" diameter tubular poles. Adapter is threaded on one end which attaches to your feeder, opposite end slides into pole. Easy to remove for cleaning or adding seed. Approx. 2½” tall. Item #POLADAP. $8.99

Other "hardware" options:
pole, hooks, deck arms and more >>


fits Aspects Quick Clean feedersFinger Hood Seed Tray - The perfect accessory for Aspects 2¾" diameter Quick-Clean feeders (shown above). The tray catches falling seeds and reduces debris underneath feeder. Finger Hoods allow for clean, easy access when removing base from feeder. Made of sturdy polycarbonate, tray is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Easily snaps on to Quick-Clean feeder base, no hardware required.  Lifetime manufacturers guarantee. 10" diameter x 1" high, item #449. Made in USA!  $14.95 Aspects regular seed traySeed-catching trays (both sizes fit all Aspects tube feeders):
   regular:  8½" x 1" deep - shown left #050. $12.95
   large:  12" diameter "Big Foot" style #423. $19.95 

Seed trays also expand the perching surface which some wild birding enthusiasts find desirable for their Aspects' mixed seed tube feeders as it draws larger birds closer for observation.

Hanging Feeder Cages
Backyard Nature Products has introduced a new item that is sure to please those trying to deter annoying and destructive squirrels and large black birds from their hanging bird feeders. The feeder’s bail-wire fits through the top for hanging. The feeder attaches to the bottom plate, which then drops down for refilling. 

These cages come in three sizes that will accommodate most tube-style feeders:

13½” tall x 12” in diameter, $24.95
19½” tall x 12” dia., $27.95 (shown, with large Aspects tube feeder)
25½” tall x 12” dia., $31.95 (accommodates Aspects Big Tube feeder).

We have more ways to combat critters...
see our "accessories & hardware page" >

Scott's Collapsible Finch Feeder Kit
Some minor assembly required (no tools needed).  30" tall, or makes 2-15" feeders. Poly-carbonate clear feeder with 12 perch stations and plastic perches, one-pound seed capacity. Coated steel hanging cable.
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quality used to matter - what happened?

Microban logoDroll Yankees incorporates Microban antimicrobial protection into several of their bird feeding products during manufacturing to provide continuous antimicrobial protection. Learn more

Bottoms Up - upside-down thistle feeder by Droll YankeesBottoms Up Finch Feeder
by Droll Yankees
Goldfinches will feed upside-down but House Finches won't. Small sized holes dispense Niger seed economically. Birds must pull seed out. The sloped base keeps seed within easy reach of the birds.  6 perches.  The UV stabilized polycarbonate 16 inch seed tube won't degrade in the sunlight. Caps lift off easily to allow re-filling and thorough cleaning and the design of the cap makes it difficult for predators to lift and reach the seed. Your feeders can be hung or pole mounted. Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer against squirrel damage. Droll Yankees is a US-based company and utilizes antimicrobial Microban technology (see above). Item # DY-BUF16.   $34.95

Droll Yankees - made in America - by AmericansJ.J.Cardinals is an authorized service repair center for Aspects and Droll Yankees; both offer a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacture defects, and squirrel damage.

It pays to buy quality - it lasts.  Made by American hands.

Droll Yankees Bird Lovers series logo

These feeders are more durable than other inexpensive feeders available.
They are made in the U.S.A. for bird lovers by bird lovers!


Finch Finder - a cute "starter" bird feeder


Bird Lovers® Finch Finder by Droll Yankees
This is a great and inexpensive way to find out if you have finches in your neighborhood. 2 seed ports - "hanger" wire included.  Measures 7" tall and holds ½ cup (2.4 oz.) of seed.  $7.99

import alert:
made in China & limited manufacturer's warranty


Bird Lovers feeders by Droll YankeesBird Lovers feeders by Droll YankeesBird Lovers Bird Feeders®
by Droll Yankees - Add a little vibrancy to your birding sanctuary. Tubes are made out of durable UV stabilized polycarbonate. Stainless steel wire at the top enables it to be hung in a tree or on a pole. The bottom is treaded to accept an optional seed-catching tray if you'd like. Inside, the bottom is angled to prevent seed from gathering and spoiling and there are 10 holes for drainage. 2½" diameter tube x 19" tall. Available in red and/or green.
Model #DYBL15RS  for mixed seed, capacity 1-lb., 4 perches. $16.95
Model #DYBL15RT for niger/thistle, capacity 1-lb., 6-perches. $14.95

Bird Lovers feeders by Droll YankeesBird Lovers feeders by Droll YankeesBird Lovers Bird Feeders®
by Droll Yankees  2½" diameter tube x 12 tall.

Available in red and/or green.

Model #DYBL9RS, near left for mixed seed, capacity ½ lb.,  2 perches. $13.95
Model #DYBL9RT, far left for niger/thistle, capacity ½ lb. of seed, 4 perches. $10.95


introducing: Onyx by Droll YankeesOnyx Clever Clean®
Droll Yankees Onyx Clever Clean Removable Base Feeders. Comfort perches, with 180 degree two-position ring - Cap detaches easily – facilitates thorough cleaning. Comfort perches – multiple landing areas to accommodate numerous bird species and their preferences. Port configuration – permits unimpeded seed flow Open interior allows for easy tube cleaning Lifetime warranty. 6 feeding ports, 24" tall.  Inventory limited - likely a "special order"...allow 5-7 days for delivery.

· Model #DYCC24N, thistle feeder $67.95
· Model #DYCC24M, mixed seed feeder $67.95

enlarge: close-up of innovative niger seed ports >
enlarge: close-up of mixed-seed ports >


Droll Yankees new Onyx feeder series - pretty clever! Easy to open for cleaning.Clever Clean twist release base – for quick and easy clean out to help maintain the health of birds. You can easily remove stale or unused seed. Very cleaver, indeed.

Droll Yankees is a US-based company and utilizes antimicrobial Microban technology (see above).

need a pole
or deck hanger?
check out our
hardware & accessories...


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fun activity for the whole family

Whitehall-logo - another fine Michigan based company

Whitehall Products - Bird feeders from Whitehall are both attractive and durable; creative styles and details are richly accented in the cast, rust-free, recycled aluminum.  Proudly made in US of A.

whitehall-cardinal-fdr.jpg (22388 bytes)

New bronze oil-rubbed finish Cardinal Tube Bird Feeder
Seed tube 6" tall, roof  9½" square, overall height 9" (not including hanger). The rooftop easily rises for filling with fresh birdseed. Sturdy center rod makes it simple to hang from a shepherd's pole or hook from a porch or tree limb. Lid & base are cast, rust-free, recycled aluminum.  Made in Michigan...USA!
Available in two painted finishes:
   "French Bronze" (left) $44.
   "Bronze Oil Rubbed" (near left) $44.

(see this feeder's "twin": the Whitehall Pinecone Tube feeder below)

Whitehall cast aluminum "pinecone" feeder

Pinecone Tube Bird Feeder
by Whitehall Products
Made in the US of A. Tube 6" tall, roof  9½" square, overall height 9" (not including hanger).
Painted finish: "French Bronze" on cast, rust-free, recycled aluminum. $44.

more fine products from Whitehall:
suet feeders - thermometers
bird bath

chickadee silhouette by Whitehall - a Michigan-based companyChickadee Silhouette Tube Bird Feeder
by Whitehall Products
Made right here in Michigan. It's nice there are still quality goods like this still being manufactured right here in the greater US of A! Tube 19" tall, roof  12" wide, (not including hanger). Painted finish: "French Bronze", cast, rust-free, recycled aluminum. $64.


Perky Pet's "coppery-finished" feederAttractive Copper-like Finish
by Perky Pet
The clever design of this bird feeder allows the seed to dispense into the tray and stop dispensing once the tray is full so the birds cannot waste the seed.  8½" x 8½" x 9¼", made in the U.S.A., and $26.95

Need a brush for cleaning?
Or, a pole, hook, baffle
or other hardware?
check here >>
brushes and cleaning supplies

weight sensitive feeders

Trying to save bird seed for selective types of birds - trying to keep Blackbirds, Grackles, Starlings out of your bird feeders?  We recommend 3 different approaches - each has it's merits:
  1. type of food or seed offered - Thistle (niger) and Safflower, for example, do not appeal to squirrels. 
  2. baffles - a device to keep squirrels out of feeders;
  3. Weight-sensitive perches protect seed from squirrels and large birds (see feeders shown below on this page! )  >>

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Squirrel Buster in actionSquirrel Buster Plus™  by Brome Bird Care  

Weight sensitive shroud closes seed ports when squirrels and large birds land on perches. Made from rugged UV-filtered ABS and Polycarbonate resins and powder-coated aluminum components. Hangers, springs and fasteners are stainless steel. Can be easily disassembled by hand, without tools for cleaning, and is even dishwasher safe. Exclusive seed tube ventilation. User-controlled weight-adjustable settings.

Cardinals prefer to grip a thick-textured perch and, because it's awkward for them to turn their short necks to feed, they prefer to face their food source directly. The Squirrel Buster Plus™ Cardinal Ring System™ allows Cardinals to eat facing the seed from a secure and comfortable perch. $89.99

See also: deck hanger designed for this feeder >

Squirrel Buster Plus parts diagram (.pdf file) >

Squirrel Buster LegacySquirrel Buster Legacy™  by Brome Bird Care  

The latest in this collection of squirrel resistant feeders from the folks at Brome.  Holds 2.6 pounds of beak-smacking good JJ Cardinal's bird seed or any quality seed, except Niger ("thistle"). Hassle-free lifetime manufacturer's warranty.  Weight adjustable, dishwasher safe. Four wide perches - accommodates Northern cardinals. Overall dimensions: 5" x 15¾", stainless steel construction. Item: #BD1082. $66.95

pole-mounting adapter for Squirrel BusterPole Adapter Kit for the Squirrel Buster Plus
Fits 1-diameter pole systems. Powder-coated, die-cast pole adapter. Stainless steel mid-ring further restricts critters from reaching through to grab kernels of seed. Manufacturer guarantees this part to be 100% squirrel proof and rust proof when set-up as instructed. Hassle-free - lifetime warranty (contact BROME BIRD CARE Inc., 331 Knowlton Rd., Knowlton, Quebec Canada J0E 1V0, Toll Free: 1-800-856-5685) #BD1025. $16.99

Import Alert: Brome's Squirrel Buster products are manufactured in China

Squirrel Buster Plus by Brome Bird Care with weather guard< Shown with optional "Weather Guard"



"weather guard" for Squirrel Buster PlusWeather Guard for Squirrel Buster Plus
Provides added shelter around feeding ports. UV protected polycarbonate. Manufacturer's warranty. 13" diameter, item #1026. $18.95

Squirrel Buster "standard"Squirrel Buster Standard
Patented squirrel-proof design in a compact design.  Weight adjustable closing mechanism, seed tube ventilation system, chew proof, rust proof, RoxResin seed tray.   Holds ¾ quarts of seed (1.3 lbs.). Dimensions: 5¼" x 5¼" x 13½".   $33.99

See also: deck hanger designed for this feeder >

Squirrel Buster ClassicSquirrel BusterSquirrel Buster Classic
Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Effective against Red and Gray Squirrels. All squirrels and many large birds are foiled but not harmed in any way. Mixed seed tube holds 1.4 quarts (1.3 lbs.) - birds enjoy extended perches or cling to wire cage surrounding feeder. Pre-set weight settings (not adjustable).

How it works: Openings in the wire shroud align with seed ports and provide birds access to the seed. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down, closing access to the seed ports. Perches are removable  Dismantles for easy cleaning by hand without the need to use any tools. 24-month Factory Warranty model #1015. $51.99

See also: deck hanger designed for this feeder >

Squirrel Buster peanut plusPeanut+ A new squirrel proof bird feeder from Brome Bird Care
Holds ¾ quarts of shelled nuts, weight adjustable to help control unwanted birds, chew proof & woodpecker friendly. Two-year hassle-free manufacturer's warranty. Squirrel Buster brand bird feeders have come to be recognized as the leaders in the squirrel-proof category. All Squirrel Buster feeders work the same way: when a squirrel lands on the feeder its weight automatically closes the seed ports, denying access to the seed but not harming the squirrels or birds in any way.  Made from 100% recycled materials, certified lead free and they need never be discarded because of a missing part; spare parts are always available. Maintaining, repairing, preserving and recycling are essential for our future. $59.95.

See also: deck hanger designed for this feeder >

Squirrel Buster - finch feederSquirrel Buster Finch
Guaranteed Squirrel Proof by Brome Bird Care
Effective against red and gray squirrels. Dismantles for easy cleaning by hand without the need for tools. Ideal for offering niger (thistle seed) especially if seed is mixed with finely ground sunflower hearts (which squirrels love, as do finches)! Features 8 seed ports (4 clinging, 4 perching ports); 1.4 quart capacity. 24 Month Factory Warranty*. $51.99

See also: deck hanger designed for this feeder >

*Warranty: 24-months from date of purchase against squirrel damage and manufacture defects. If it is dropped, or destroyed by raccoons, or bears, not covered. Warranty is covered by manufacturer: Brome Bird Care, and they will replace or repair the feeder if needed. All warranty claims must be made thru Brome's toll-free 800 customer service center. See package for more details. (Import Alert: this product is manufactured in China.)

Seed Buster - logo Seed Buster - by Brome
Tray Feeder and Seed Catcher - can be used with or without Squirrel Buster feeder.
  • Fits all 1"and 7/8" poles
  • 20" diameter, 2" depth catches and holds seed
  • Drainage holes
  • UV filtered, recyclable, heavy duty resins
  • Adjustable collars permit countless positioning of tray
  • Split trays for easy removal without removing feeder
  • Hassle free lifetime manufacturer's warranty from Brome Bird Care

Set-up shown left includes multiple products: Squirrel Buster Plus $89.95, Squirrel Buster Weatherguard $18.95, Pole Adapter Kits $16.99, Total: $165.88 plus a pole of your choice - see our accessories & hardware page >

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who is this guy: J.J. Cardinal? click here and discover!J.J.'s Feeding Tip for tube feeders

We hear it nearly every day: larger, heavier crows, pigeons, mourning doves, starlings, jays and grackles monopolize your tube feeders...squirrels damage your equipment and devour seed intended for songbirds. Sound familiar? Seeking a solution? Here are just two of many approaches you can take:

1. Weight sensitive perches...not a new concept; we've carried several hopper style feeders for years which automatically close/shut seed ports when something heavy lands on it. They are solid and quite effective.
    Recently, a flood of products have come to market designed to accomplish the same thing on a tube-style feeder. We dropped the Droll Yankees line-up (Whipper, Dipper, Tipper & Flipper) due to their slow rate of sale. Squirrel-Buster from Brome Bird Care has been field-tested in my haven, and worked well. We typically have 'em in stock to satisfy demand, and the new Squirrel Buster "Classic" is a great buy.
     Another favorite...if stranded on the proverbial deserted island I'd wanna' have the Birds Choice Second Nature Fly-Thru.

2. Alter type of seed offered - the small seed commonly called Thistle (niger or Guizotia abyssinica) appeals to finches and chickadees; feeders used to offer the seed typically have short perches making it difficult for larger birds to land. Thistle seed is not favored by squirrels. We lean heavily toward Aspects brand tube feeders but also carry select feeders from Droll Yankees like their Onyx feeders - model #DYCC24N (above). Onyx is especially durable with it's metal seed port covers and U-shaped perches.   "Bright White" Safflower also does not seem to be attractive to most squirrels. Increasingly we're selling more and more Safflower each day for good reason!  (J.J. also uses organic NutraSaff™ but notices the squirrels do nibble a bit of this variety.)

replacement vials for Holland Hill feeders - click here for info

The ultimate hummingbird tube feeder? Check out our selection of great little feeders to offer nectar - located on our nectar page with other feeders for hummingbirds, orioles, and butterflies >>

Aspects is a registered trademark, Aspects, Inc.
Nyjer® is a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry (so we have opted to revert back to using common name: "niger" pronounced nie-ger; every attempt has been made to reflect that throughout this website and printed matter distributed in the future).
New Generation Finch Flocker, Bird Lovers, and Onyx are © Droll Yankees Inc.

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...how to order...

Okay, admittedly we're "low-tech"...but what we do - we do well, swift, accurate and honest. Your order should be in transit in less than 24-hours, often same day.

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