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Our web site is updated nearly every day it seems with news, calendar of events, product announcements and additions to our ever evolving photo-album. This summary of site revisions has been requested by several regular visitors to this site - we hope you too will find it helpful and check back often!

October 2017 Early October 2017 JJ Cardinal's is now operating under new ownership...Giles Garden - garden coach - added to the services available.  
  "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Everywhere you go" - ornaments by Margaret Cobane, ceramic pottery by Colleen Deiss, new children's books, Mudworks gnomes, and so much more.  C'mon, admit it....you know you you owe it to yourself to visit J.J. Cardinal's today.   
September 2017 We discovered some creative work from a Detroit-based pottery - birdbaths, garden art, plaques and more! >    Sunflower plaque on our gifts page >

About a year ago we started making these simple suet log feeders at the request of one of our customers.  Apparently they had seen 'em at a craft show but figured they could get 'em at JJ's.  It's really a simple concept - just fill the flat-bottom pocket holes with some fat-based food source like suet.  Birds will come & cling to the log and peck away.  See more on our "suet page" >

August 2017  
July 2017 07/07/17
Aggregate stepping stones have been popular since we began to sell 'em a few years ago...and why the heck not?  They're made in Michigan.  They are tough & durable.  And get this: they are now available in 2 sizes !!  (Or, at least we did have 2 sizes back in July...they proved to be popular and sold out by August 1st!)  Life is good. >
Still another batch of Motawi Tiles arrived including 2 new Charley Harper designs: Catnip and Little Sipper - a ruby-throated hummingbird (shown).  See more of our Motawi collection >


June 2017
Louise wrote an article about sugar content in nectar & posted it in a section of this website called: "Louise Notes".  Check it out when time allows; the information is free - and what we've done for over 25-yrs.  (Web-guy's snide-aside: "Try getting this sort of information at some Big Box store or from your retail-destroying Amazon Prime account.">
May 2017 05/25/17
The first "bird feeder" approved by the US Patent Office was previously posted on JJ Cardinal's Facebook page, so we thought it'd be fun to we add the diagram to our bird feeder page.  We've included web-links for those history buffs seeking more information.  > 
  05/18/17   Louise says: "What an honor ... last night the Delta Kappa Gamma, an International Society for Key Women Educators, Alpha Omega Chapter, honored us for the services we provide to our community educating students of all ages. Thank you for this recognition."
April 2017 04/03/17
We get plenty of requests for tall finch feeders designed to accommodate a flock of goldfinches...so we're thrilled to find a "collapsible" 30" tall finch feeder made by Scott.  Wanna' see more than just their logo?  Link to our tube feeder page >
It's not an April Fools joke - we really do have a new color of L'Oven Mitts from Michigan Mitts - Greenery! >

Birds Choice has modified their popular Oriole Fest feeder to include Bee Guards - also sold separately.
See our "nectar page" for details >

March 2017 Cyber Warfare Alert:  you can buy this handsome birdfeeder online at "Wayfair" for $37.99.....or at J.J. Cardinal's for just $18.95.  Oh...but wait, Wayfair's price includes "free shipping".  Makes you feel sort of foolish for falling for that nonsense, doesn't it? (It should.)
February 2017 03/23/17
LuminAid - Whether you're camping out or stuck with a power outage, these inflatable lanterns provides 12 hours of consistent LED light.  More Info >

We're always excited to find new products - particularly those made right here in Michigan!  So we're delighted to introduce you to a collection by Michigan Mittens, who coined the phrase: "always have a map on hand!"  Literally ... extremely creative ... Michiganians & Michiganders will definitely get it.  The rest of the country may be scratching their heads >
Fresh for the new year - creative Heartwood bird houses & feeders - quality goods, made to last.

Since 1932 the famous tail-wagging Kit-Cat clocks have provided quirky, nostalgic fun...and now you can get 'em at JJ Cardinal's! > 
We've even got some pretty cool Kit-Cat Clock jewelry >

Our first batch of praying mantis eggs arrived...don't dawdle...these sell out fast to gardeners and those who love to observe mother nature in action! We also received our Orchard Mason Bee eggs!  See our "garden page" for details >

Show off your pride in our state with a hand-crafted copper Michigan Mitt Pin by Roseworks - a skillful artisan in Montana >

January 2017 Kit Cat clock
December 2016

We haven't added much to our collection of press clippings on this site in a few years - but after the Grand Blanc View published a wonderful article about our 25th anniversary celebration, we thought it may be nice to share it.  After all, plenty of local folks receive the paper - but our customers span far beyond local boundaries - we're global!  Anyway, thank you, Grand Blanc View
Read full story >

November 2016 11/18/16
A slew of new kids science & educational toys have arrived - magnets, jax, old fashioned hardwood spinning tops, and a new "Critter Case" by Toysmith - ideal for observing insects and bugs. See more >

Some new ideas & products just make so much sense...it's like having your own V-8 moment:  "you do it suet" - read more >

So when you hear the name of our newest hummingbird feeder: "Nectar Dots" - what comes to mind?  Take a gander, we just posted them on our "nectar page" >
October 2016 10/27/16
The steel wren-shaped portal cover we used to get from Erva Tool has been discontinued.  So when GoodPlanet ran out of inventory they had to create "plan B"...a steel ring portal cover mounted on the silhouette of a house wren cut from hardwood (like walnut or cherry).  It's our beloved Mighty Fine Wren house.  See more >
Introducing Carson optics - perfect for hobbyists who want to see more detail without breaking the bank.  Available in 3 models - see more >
We have just the perfect thing for your favorite Wolverine or Spartan - new Motawi Tiles made right here in Michigan!  Go green!  Go blue!  Also new from Motawi, several new designs based on the work of beloved artist Charley Harper.  See our "gifts page" >
go blue!go white! go white!
September 2016 09/015/16
Check out our awesome new soy based candles made in the USA by Milkhouse Candles >
August 2016 08/02/16
Several manufacturers of bird feeders have tried this but the new Feeder Cages from Backyard Nature Products may be the most versatile.  These sturdy steel cages come in 3 sizes to accommodate most tube style feeders.  Since we sell mainly Aspects brand tube feeders, it's a "perfect" fit for our customers! >
cage that feeeder!
  nature journal - made in Michigan08/01/16
Ever wish you had a place to record your observations of nature, birds, trees, plants, rocks, weather?  You'll want to check out our new "Write Down" Journals made in Michigan.  See our "books" page >
May 2016 05/27/15
Next time you drive past the shop, check out the new window shades on the East side of our building facing Saginaw Street.  We think they're kinda' neat.
  craftsman clock from Motawi Tile of Ann Arbor.MudWorks gnome05/26/16
New from the crafty folks at Motawi Tile...the decorative Schlabaugh & Son clock. Available in several styles and price ranges. See our "gifts page" >

Also just in...new whimsical gnome figures from MudWorks >

April 2016 04/25/16
J.J. Cardinal's announces details for "Children's Summer Writing Contest" - see our "events page" >
  new to our store: pottery by Bryan Becker04/25/16
 A few more new clay items available by Bryan Becker: Family Bowl, Housewarming Bowl and our favorite, M&M Candy Jar>
Just in time for spring! Preserve your flowers, grasses & foliage with a flower press made here in the USA.  It's a great educational activity for all ages! See more >
flower press side view
  "rockin' Robin"04/15/16
Another new series of greeting cards arrived recently from Two Dog Studios >
Rid yourself of unwanted bird activity with Bird-X Owl Prowler >
March 2016 Earth Dreams - earring03/11/16
And yet more really fun jewelry - we located another artist located just south of us in Ohio: Earth Dreams. >

Some selections of the beautiful hand-crafted heavy gauge copper ornaments from Roseworks nearly sold out the same day the shipment arrived this past Christmas - so we have been pumped about the order pending for more Roseworks jewelry items: attractive copper earrings & pins.  We have a sample of the collection on our "jewelry page" >

Roseworks copper earring
February 2016 Louise's knitted-cap02/28/16
These days we've not added much to the "Louise Notes" feature on this website because Facebook has become so popular among our customers for communicating news & periodic information.  Still, we've left the previously published articles as an archive. But today we just added something new that Louise originally posted on Facebook - a short story Louise calls: "Through Her Watching Window" and involves a cap she recently knitted for a friend.  This web-guy thought you may enjoy reading it too. >

share a smile02/20/16
Introducing a new type of greeting card: Tree Free.  Yep.  Cards made of materials that does not involve killing a tree or deforesting a rain forest.  Tree-Free has printed on paper made from Kenaf, a fast growing plant related to the hibiscus.  "We have printed on bamboo, on hemp, and most recently on 100% bagasse (sugarcane waste pulp). At present, we are focused on using post consumer recycled paper," Tree Free says. Sounds smart.
Tree Free Greetings Cards now available at JJ Cardinals >  

It's a mighty GoodPlanet (bluebird house)02/19/16
The sawdust has been flying at GoodPlanet millworks this frigid winter!  They've re-engineered the famous GoodPlanet Traditional Bluebird Nesting Box which is now more than 13% larger!  More room for those monster broods in your backyard habitat to flourish!  Feast 'yer eyes >

GoodPlanet's Chalet-style bluebird house02/13/16
They're back! 
GoodPlanet's popular "chalet-style" bluebird houses.
Massive roof overhang keeps box cool.
These nicely crafted nest boxes are made with pride right here in the USA.
See these and more nest boxes >

Our remembrance items have become quite popular as a way to share condolences and prayers of comfort and love to those who are grieving a loss.  Majesty Bells recently introduced a series of new chimes called "In Loving Memory". They are handsome and still made completely in the USA. More info >
Majesty Bells
  Nettles nature jewelry 02/04/16
J.J. Cardinal's is thrilled to be able to feature Nettles Nature Jewelry in our collection.  Their work is featured in selected museums & art galleries in the US and Canada. Nettles Jewelry is a passionately green company offering nature-themed pendants and earrings that feature birds, butterflies, and creatures of the forest and sea. Take a look >
January 2016 made in the USA!01/21/16
Originally GoodPlanet made the Cedar Squirrel Feeding Station as a good way to use up scraps accumulating in the workshop. We sold out several years ago and did not re-build 'em but customers were asking for 'em....so, without further ado....feast your eyes on the new and improved: Cedar Squirrel Feeding Station >
little glass seed feeder01/15/16
Something new from Par-a-sol....the folks who make some very creative glass hummingbird feeders now has a small seed-feeder for the little songbirds in your backyard habitat.

More info >

  Solmates - spring colors - ankle and knee high designs!01/11/16
Solmate Socks for Spring!   >

Motawi Tiles - very blue, these two01/10/16
Our collection of Michigan based Motawi Tiles continues to impress our customers. Two new selections: Charley Harper's Blue Jay and Michigan's Mighty Mac. See more >

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