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who is JJCardinal?

J.J. recalls a simpler time - a simpler life. To those close to him he instills the feeling of that "kinder, gentler world" because he's in tune with nature and the environment around us.

Sound familiar? Perhaps its because JJ Cardinal is a composite character of the birdwatcher in all of us...the spectacled, gentlemanly neighbor who faithfully maintains his well populated bird feeding stations. Or, the wide-eyed child, intrigued by the swooping flight of a Black-capped Chickadee...and certainly an outdoors enthusiast who's absolutely delighted at the sighting of a new species or discovery of an abandoned nest. While relishing the dawn of each new day J.J. finds opportunities to learn more of Mother Nature, gardening and the behavior of those magnificent flying creatures and critters alike.

Yep, there is a little of J.J. in all of us, and we hope you will enjoy our website dedicated to nature news, products and information. We also hope to have a chance to meet you in our store. Among our favorite customer comments we've heard over the years:
"one of the nicest places to visit, shop or just stop and chat.  It's not just a store, it's a retreat!"

JJ Cardinal - archived illustration dated 1991

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